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    Yeah. I'm a bad paranoid man, so i'll PM it to you.
    Having a job sucks, especially while you're at school. It just depends on whether you want and need the money enough to be dedicated to doing it.

    That feeling of no confidence sucks doesn't it? I'm normally a really confident person in most things I do, but as soon as it comes to girls I fail badly. Cheers for the confidence though mate ;) As for you....sometimes maybe it's just better to keep things as they are? That or just be remorseless and just go for it. I cant help but feel the worst thing to do is to sit on the situation and do nothing. As Chico would probably say, Finger Her Lad!

    Send through some pics and i'll tell you which one's worth going for there ;)
    It might upset a few people. The only name I thought about changing to was "The Spaniard", but that just sounds ****. If I leave it, in about 20 years time it'll be cool to have a retro name.

    I'll be honest lad, i'm glad it's you, not me. The only possible advice I could give is, move on. But that's not really an option, and there's a reason you shouldn't listen to me. Don't worry about being awkward, you sound like the American version of me mate. It's not necessarily a bad thing I find, but a bit of confidence never goes amiss.
    And this girl.....gahhhh. All JD's telltale signs are there, but i'm massively confused about it all. (We are literally the same person aren't we?)

    As for Everton, I physically cant watch them. My job means I have to work pretty much every Saturday and Sunday, which is a real pain in the arse. Why cant life be simple? :p
    Bee el es. Haha. Sounds like Beelzebub. I like it.

    It's going ok I suppose Spikers. Mostly just wanted to check how you were getting along. I saw some of your posts in the J-Dawg thread, anf your life sounds majorly complicated. More so than mine, which is just tediously monotonous at the moment :/ I can't even watch Everton.
    Very depressing. It's better now than in the summer, hence why I gave it a swerve for a few months. But I reckon a few wins and everything will be awesome again. Everton are magic, and all that :)

    Ok. I've run out of interesting things to say, so i'll leave it at that. Take care mate
    You'll definately be alright. Third time lucky eh? At least you know what you want to do, and what you have to do to achieve it. I think that's probably most the battle won right there.

    And that is a long time. Over here you'd be one of the youngest in a year group. Not sure how it works over there though.

    Everton are still a bit rubbish as well aren't they? One half decent performance doesn't really change that too much :(
    Ahahahaaa. It has a certain ring to it, i'll give you that.

    Exams suck mate. It's the best feeling ever when your last one's finished, and you can forget all the stuff you've been trying desperately to remember. You'll be fine I'm sure, you seem smart (last compliment. No more).

    When abouts are you 18 mate?
    Oh. Well, thats pissed on my chips slightly there.

    Anything new? No. Same old same old. I just like talking to you. You're like a much cooler American version of myself.

    How abouts with you? Much occuring?

    And I would change it, but I have no idea what to. For now i'll stick with BLS

    How annoying is that?

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