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    Guess the new striker

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    Oumar Niasse This got me worried, in a norwegian paper a few days after we bought him. His former coach at Brann was surprised about him going to the premier league, in a huge transfer. Brann sent him back from loan a month...
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    Roberto Martinez Discussion - Including Live Poll (Poll Reset 1st May)

    Going from despair a few weeks ago to feeling of relief now. He's surely gone, we will at least be on the up just by that, and then our new manager will be bossing the league by october!
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    Roberto Martinez Discussion - Including Live Poll (Poll Reset 1st May)

    Gone. Bye Bob. Fun for a while. Then just awful the last year and a half. Just let him go.
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    Roberto Martinez Discussion - Including Live Poll (Poll Reset 1st May)

    The board need to end this. Sack Bob. So obvious for all. The backing is gone. Anyone will do the last 4 games.
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    Leicester City v Everton. 16th August at 15.00.

    1-1, jags 70 min
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    Changing pitch size?

    Thanks for the info!
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    Changing pitch size?

    My RS friend told me the other day that we used to / use to change our pitch-size depending on opponents, narrowing the pitch when the bigshots came to visit. And this was well-known trickery in our club. Couldnt find Anything on the web on this and cant remember ever hearing this before. Anyone...
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    Old to new

    Rodwell-derby oct 1. 2011. Our wedding trip. Gwladys seats.
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    Where is everyone......

    At home, In cold northern Norway, possibly alone cause the missus just said she couldnt take the derby-pain this time.
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    Everton v Southampton. 29th Dec @ 13.30.

    Barks my fantasy captain this time, could see one or two from him...refused by clatty.
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    Everton v Southampton. 29th Dec @ 13.30.

    Lots of goals. Balls up in the end, 3-3 draw or even a loss.
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    Discussion & help on depression & mental health related issues

    Brilliant thread! This forum is my absolute internet highlight of the day, for the most just reading, not that comfortable posting quite yet. Reading this bit on mental illness in between the regular ones is just so relevant to my own daily life, working in an unselected gp-clinic. Probably 50 %...
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    Shane Duffy

    2-1 for 10-man doncaster
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    Shane Duffy

    Duffy headed assist 1-1