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    2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

    Agree, but: 1) We have seen bad defensive play a little too often. This costs a lot of points. 2) The best teams come after the opponent like a lion chasing an antelope if they are down 1-0 / 2-0, while we often fail to mobilize any pressure.
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    Match Thread Southampton v Everton (Sunday 25 October 14:00)

    At the first goal we first have an advantage of 4 vs. 1 in the zone where JWP receives the ball. One of the four must be able to mark out JWP - it is scandalously bad defensive play. When JWP centers the ball on 1 touch into a new zone, we are suddenly 3 vs.3, but Digne is unfortunately a little...
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    Transfer Rumour Josh King

    King is not a similar player to Walcott. King is actually a football player. I do not want to say he is better than DCL and Richarlison per. today, but he is much better than Bernard and Iwobi. My only concern is his injury history and that he will be overpriced.
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    Media Bias and its effect if any on Overall Outcome.

    The attention follows the money, or is it the other way around? Regardless, this is capitalism in practice. In Norway, we mostly only have Liverpool and Manchester United supporters. Something that is reflected in the coverage of PL. The Liverpool supporters here believe, and they are dead...
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    Transfer Rumour Josh King

    King is a physical monster, and has all the qualities needed to be a top player. But on the other hand, he has never fully realized his potential. This may be due to a relatively long injury history, and perhaps mental factors. If he comes to Everton, as long as he stays injury-free, then he...
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    2020/21 Yannick Bolasie

    Gazza used to poop in the gloves of the goalkeepers who played for Spurs. But it was a relatively mild prank compared to the other things he did.
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    2020/21 Alex Iwobi

    I have also wondered if Iwobi simply has too much body fat. Then it turned out that Emery complained about exactly the same thing at Arsenal. He's obviously sponsored by McDonalds.
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    2020/21 Theo Walcott

    In a kick-and-run system he may be able to contribute something, after all he has decent speed and endurance, but in a more sophisticated system his limited technique and understanding of the game becomes very visible.
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    2020/21 Gylfi Sigurdsson

    No doubt, Gylfi is an expensive squad player, but I think he can be a useful player for us in some matches and situations. Especially in matches where we are the dominant team. There is nothing wrong with Gylfi's passing foot, his finishing skills, or his understanding of the game. In some...
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    2020/21 Moise Kean

    Too early to conclude. So far, Kean has not impressed anyone. He has ok strength, speed, and shots, but is technically weak, and has a limited understanding of the game. In many ways a similar player as Lukaku, but less extreme.
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    Fitness levels

    Well, ironically, we hired Ancelotti. In Bayern, the players kept hidden training sessions behind Ancelotti's back, because they thought his training sessions were rubbish. But this was a bunch of losers, so what do they know?
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    2019/20 Bernard

    Bernard and Mina are the two who earn the most at Everton. Bernard is not good enough and contributes minimally. Mina is mostly injuried, and one can argue that he is not really that much better than JB - who gets paid in peanuts. This is obviously a problem, and is a problem that Brands must...
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    2019/20 Dominic Calvert-Lewin

    I do not think they have found this gene yet, so I would guess it can be learned :)
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    Honest assessment of the Don Carlo reign so far

    Well, I disagree. As a coach, it's a dream when you're newly hired to have a handful of matches that don't matter. Then you get the opportunity to work with the system that you want to implement, try out new players, etc., without major consequences. This is a luxury that most coaches do not...
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    2019/20 Leighton Baines.

    Baines and Pienaar had a good partnership. But already the season before Pienaar came (back), Baines had 11 assists and 5 goals. He did well without Pienaar as well. Baines was perhaps the best offensive back of his time in the PL, but had weaknesses defensively. Digne and Baines are not really...
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