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    Confirmed Signing Demarai Gray

    the no risk transfer we have been craving
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    2020/21 Fabian Delph

    leg this bum
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    Tommy Mad Dog Gravesen - Footy Legend

    Be arsed playing against him and stig tofting both loons
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    Everton Summer transfers 2021

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    Homepage Article Rafael Benitez Appointed Everton Manager

    Am willing to give Rafael a go myself .. pointless moaning about it now its done , if he delivers results whats the problem if he loses and we look in trouble boo him
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    Homepage Article Rafael Benitez Appointed Everton Manager

    How long you been going annie road for ?
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    2020/21 Andre Gomes

    Am getting that from the two training videos ... it looks more fitness based and intense but that could just be standard pre season programming
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    The Kit Thread - Season 2021/22

    thought it was bog standard until i seen the game highlights ... now its grown on me the training gear is superb .. both kits superb .. up the hummel
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    2020/21 Jordan Pickford

    He should of took the 5th ... hes a strong minded person no doubt he would of hammered it in as well .. wouldn't surprise me if southgate actually flapped it because hes a gk for the final pen and threw a kid under the bus
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    Amanda Holden

    am only gonna look in this thread is she does a onlyfans
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    Match Thread Aston Villa v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    Get richarlison off ... he's stinking the gaff out
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    2020/21 Yerry Mina

    Easy our best CB but proberly won't get a good run of games off him
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    2020/21 Yerry Mina

    Our best defender IMO only one who can actually carry it forward from cb
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    2020/21 Carlo Ancelotti

    one thing we can say about dunc in his short tenure ... the players effort was miles ahead of this what ive seen this season
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    Match Thread Everton v Aston Villa - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

    just give the ball to gomes / chances to Iceman and it will walk it ( going off the training videos ) Usual slow shellshock tonight 1-0 blues
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