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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    Anybody not received their cup tickets yet?
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    Cup tickets

    Has anybody received theirs yet? Mate purchased after me and received his but not had mine yet.
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    Old Everton songs that still pop into your head from time to time

    Hand it over Hand it over Hand it over Liverpool
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    Moyes as interim manager

    Just think how many times you walked out of Goodson proud of the team under Moyes after the shift they had put in. How many times have you left bouncing since? If he is half as good as last time that will be an improvement on the clowns we have had to suffer since.
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    Moyes as interim manager

    If he did half as well as he did last time we would still be better than Bobby season 2 and 3 as well as now.
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    Qualities the next Everton manager needs to possess

    Organise and set a defence up. Major upgrade on this clown and Bobby clown shoes !
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    2019/20 Marco Silva

    Gone tomorrow morning
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    Would you take Martinez back?

    Managed Alcaraz for Wigan and genuinely thought he was good enough to fetch to Everton. To make it worse when he spoke about him, you would have thought we had Ratcliffe back on the books. Same with Mcgeady. If you had never sen him play and listened to how Clown Shoes described him, you would...
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    Would you take Martinez back?

    Stones much more profit
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    Would you take Martinez back?

    Greatest bit of transfer business in the clubs history much better than a Reid; Southall; etc.....levels of delusion
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    Would you take Martinez back?

    Look where Everton were when Moyes took over and how he left us, Look where we were when Bobby clown shoes took over and where we were when he left: One improved us massively. One left a team that was letting 3 goals in most games...,..despised the fraud !
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    Would you take Martinez back?

    And 4 home wins at home out of 18 he was in charge in his last season with us. Worst home record ever.
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    'Howard's Way' Film

    Just watched it. I was lucky enough to watch that team and the Bayern is THE greatest ever Goodisin game. Players felt the same. Loved Howard and all of that team. Just hope for a spell like that again for the sake of my lad and younger blues.
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    Trevor Steven

    We really were blessed with that team for those of us lucky enough to have been matchgoers back then. Loved every single one of them. As for this current lot........only Baines and. Coleman will be fondly thought of in years to come.
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