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    Why do people want Duncan Ferguson to replace Silva?

    Let’s be honest it is not difficult to find somebody better.Would take some doing to fins someone worse.
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    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    For footballers it is their place of work. Everybody forms an opinion of their boss. Imagine going back to work every Monday morning and repeating defensive drills In training that don’t work during a match. Your opinion would soon be that this guy is a bit daft for persevering with it and...
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    Everton 3 Wimbledon 2

    Makes my top 10 of games been to. Unreal feeling at half time and the first time I can remember Forever Everton being played at the interval.
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    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    Awful, Team has no heart and are a soft touch. He won’t finish as high as Fat Sam did in 8th. Let that sink in. Bobby finished 5th as the defence that Moyes had drilled was the backbone in his first season. Clown shoes then followed this up with bottom half finishes. Marco will do the same. Too...
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    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    But were they getting spanked by letting in six at home whilst developing? No side that concedes too many goals does well in the league.
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    2018/19 Marco Silva - New Poll Added

    Doesn’t matter how good the opposition are, if you let in 6 goals at home then simply not good enough. End of !!
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    Does Moyes' reign look better with hindsight given the dismal performances of his successors?

    Manager of the year 3 times. Fergie won 4. We only stopped conceding goals near the end of last season when Jags, Baines and Coleman back. Left 5 years and defence reliant on the one Moyes left.
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    The worst possible Everton manager

    Bobby clown shoes.....
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    The 2 years since Martinez left.

    And the week after the cup fiasco we came out and gave it to City. More often than not Moyes got a reaction out of them after a stinker. Bobby' s teams never. They were good at giving late goals away though. This is where he outwitted thousands of fans for years with all of his waffle.
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    The 2 years since Martinez left.

    Moyes won manager of the year 3 times.Fergie only won 4. A good manager gets the best out of what he has to work with. Moyes did that much better than the clown.
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    The 2 years since Martinez left.

    No it isn't but that was not my point. Bobby clown shoes was a joke pure and simple. He spoke about Mcgeady as if he was Trevor Steven, about Alcarez as if he was Ratcliffe. I am far from a fan of Sam but he will get us to a top half finish whereas the clown had back to back bottom half...
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    The 2 years since Martinez left.

    Worst home record in our history in final season.Turned one of the tightest defences to one of that was letting 3 goals in regularly. Back to back 4 0's against the RS on his cv with the first one being THE WORST tactical set up I have ever seen in 40 yrs as a season ticket holder. Phenomenal!!!!
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    The 2 years since Martinez left.

    He won 4 of the 18 league games at home in his final season. Sam has won more not that I am a fan of Sam !!
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    Who has stopped going to the match ?

    For better for worse.....
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    This is NOT my Everton. This is DISGUSTING!!!

    Bobby Clown shoes was not my Everton. Last season in charge won 4 at home out of 18 in league. Let that sink in. As bad as we have been this season we have won 6 at home yet it took the majority until his final month to see him for what he was !!!!