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    Potential manager - Zidane

    <------ ;)
  2. dodger

    2017/18 Cuco Martina

    Someone sitting by me last night said "he's like the kid in school who no-one really wants to pass to because he's rubbish!" Unfortunately a good description (based on last night)
  3. dodger

    Steve Walsh Photoshop Thread

    Hand over the lad Moyes
  4. dodger

    The new ale in the ground

    You'll be seeing a comeback from Higsons in the next year!! The brand has just been bought
  5. dodger

    West Ham v Everton. Saturday 22 April, 3.00pm

    Need to put dross like this lot comfortably away. It's been the difference this season from mounting a serious threat to the top 4
  6. dodger

    Radio Documentary

    Was a good listen actually, especially being someone who wasn't born (very envious!) Ratcliffe mowing the lawn straight after winning the league......bonkers
  7. dodger

    Everton Transfer Thread 2016

    Arnautavic......what are people's thoughts? Underwhelming for myself but in the last year of his contract Article about his demands etc Not ITK
  8. dodger

    Everton v Newcastle. 3rd Feb at 1945.

    That was a joy to read, especially the paragraphs focusing on those bad beauts!
  9. dodger

    Latest Takeover Rumour. The Moores / Noell one

    Cant say I've played there, by the looks of things its looks like it'd hurt more getting dumped out of play by a full back there more so than the gravel at Goodison
  10. dodger

    Latest Takeover Rumour. The Moores / Noell one

    Looks like the stand at Fords, Cronton?! That'd be more 'woolish' than playing in Sefton
  11. dodger

    Big Dunc Declared Bankrupt

    I thought he was first declared it a few years back (or so I was told) Thats why he took up coaching Still a bit grim anyone going bankrupt
  12. dodger

    Match Thread Everton v Spurs. 3rd Jan at 1600.

    That line is absolutely genius! Top, top work ;)
  13. dodger

    Match Thread Everton vs Liverpool, Goodison Park, Oct 4th, 2015

    McCarthy or Barry to put a stern challenge in early on, that'll get the crowd going and hopefully see us over the line! We always seem to play better with a nasty atmosphere, hard to create for a early Sunday KO Come on Everton....These are sh*te
  14. dodger

    Transfer Window Thread

    Talksport spouting this morning that Stones will hand a transfer request in if the next bid gets rejected Grim
  15. dodger

    Worst Everton XI the last 15 years

    Unavailable for selection......injured when I had my notepad out
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