Everton fans now react to changes to club’s ticket resale platform

Everton fans have now reacted to changes to the club’s ticket resale platform ahead of the 2023/24 Premier League season.

The updated resale platform will benefit Official Members, giving them ‘exclusive access’ to seats listed for resale by season ticket holders.

As reported via the official Everton website, the change provides Official Members with an additional avenue for securing tickets at Goodison Park.

However, when the news was released on the Everton Fan Services Twitter account, Everton fans voiced their concerns that the changes are not as fair as they first appear.

One fan commented: “Coming from Ireland for the game with my family I had to buy 2 adult member packs £35 + £9 shipping each and 2 teen packs at £20 each just to be able buy a ticket for the match that £128 before even buying a match ticket.”

Another asked: “An absolute joke! Thought this was meant to be the People’s Club? It appears it is only if you pay a premium to even gain access to buy tickets to watch your team play. How can you justify this?”

Latest move for ticket resale only further alienates an increasingly disillusioned Everton fanbase

It is yet another baffling decision by the club and will put a barrier in place to many of those wanting to watch Everton this season.

The news was also discussed on the Grand Old Team forum, with many fans stating that the previous resale avenue used by the club, Stubhub, may not have been perfect, but it often provided fans with a quick and easy way to acquire cheap match-day tickets.

At a time when many people are struggling financially, it is not a good look for ‘The People’s Club’ to charge fans a premium to gain access to a ticketing service.

Yet another strange and unnecessary move by the club.

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