Sam Allardyce reckons his Everton side deserved booing for their poor showing against West Brom.

Allardyce: “The fans want to see us win and they want to see footballers that are paid to pass the ball pass the ball to each other. They saw very little of that today.

“I’ve got no problem with the fans booing us because we deserved booing, that’s what happens. We didn’t play very well and the fans show their disapproval, and rightly so, because they pay money to come and watch us.

“Players should listen to that like I do and say, ‘We’ve got to get these fans singing for us like they were doing a few weeks ago’.

“It was difficult to watch today. There were a lot of nerves out there today and that resulted in a lot of misplaced passes and their goal, which came from our goal-kick.

“I’m pleased that in the end we got a point through our substitute making an impact and popping in an equaliser. At least this is a positive result because we didn’t deserve any more than a point, that’s for sure.”

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Definitely deserve a booing today!

Barnfred 55

I've been booing todays line up ever since it was announced in the match thread.

However at the game I reserve my boos for the officials and the opposition.

Have no problem with other fans booing the collective at the end, but booing individuals, especially during the game, is wrong imo.

tim cahill
Yank So then you coddle him? And tell him, it will get better? They're soft. I want my professional athletes to be arrogant and not give a bleep what anyone thinks. Getting booed should be motivation, it shouldn't make you shrivel up like a snail. It's ridiculous. If I boo a guy, he flips me off, then scores a game winner, and flips me off again. I'd give him props, maybe I'm just weird. But this whole "you'll get him next time Klassen (or insert name here)" isn't for me It’s a strange way to ‘support’ a club imo. I… Read more »
The last time there was booing at goodison was at full time at the West Brom game. Totally deserved and totally expected. All this “dosnt help anyone” nonsense is half the problem. The players need to know that heartless ambitionless bottle job performances like that aren’t acceptable at Everton and never will be. I’m not advocating crucifying them after every poor result but if the players arnt going to have the decency to look interested for 90 minutes the fans who have sat right through it and will be there long after the players have gone have every right to… Read more »

If you take the ooing from booing and replace it with lue it's very clear to see that I'm in a very unhappy relationship and are staying for the kid.