Adam and Groucho belatedly look back on the 2-0 defeat against Manchester United and debate where it went wrong. The pair also look ahead to the FA Cup clash on Friday night at Anfield (with Groucho bizarrely sounding confident).

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I know I'm going to be a slightly surprising advocate here, but come on GrandOldTeamFrandels, let's show a bit of support here.

I have no doubt at all that many of you good frandelinos, due to a lack of quality content out there, are listening to the utter rot of EvertonBusinessFibs and TheBlueRoom, which is essentially like the mating soundtrack for perennial weasels. We must refuse for these bozos to monopolise our Everton aural pleasures.

Here's two people talking about the Ev on the world's greatest Everton website.

Let's get this over 750 plays for starters.