How James Rodriguez Mishap led Man from Texas to Fly to Everton

Back in September 2020, GrandOldTeam shared news of James Rodriguez signing for Everton on Twitter but amid the excitement, accidentally tagged James Rosales and it would literally change his life.

Rosales, from Dallas, Texas, was inundated with notifications from Toffees at a time when he had been intrigued by the Premier League and was wondering which team to follow. So that was that, Everton was his new team.

After GrandOldTeam’s erroneous tweet, Rosales purchased a royal blue shirt and has since gathered with fellow Americans in the early hours to catch the Blues’ in action and has even flown to Merseyside to see the team live at Goodison Park.

James recently recalled the day he was picked to be an Everton supporter in an interview with Ell Bretland which you can watch via YouTube below.

YouTube player

Though superstar James, Carlo Ancelotti and that epic winning run are no longer present, Rosales remains a committed fan.

As the saying goes, ‘Evertonians are born, not manufactured; we do not choose, we are chosen’, and no quote could sum up Rosales’ introduction to Everton more. James was chosen.

You’re welcome/we’re sorry, James.

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