Adam and Groucho look back at the 3-1 win against Swansea (sorry for the delay), debate the atmosphere inside Goodison (is safe standing the answer?) and are joined by Scott Nicholls (a lifelong Chelsea supporter who has appeared on the BBC, Ball Street and NBC)to get the Chelsea perspective ahead of Saturday…

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I have to be honest here with both of you lads…..

… and this just goes along with the Jamiroquai thing….

…Nigella really isn't all that.

Adam Partington

Christmas turkey, Nigella Lawson. Glad you moved onto the Swansea game before you mentioned stuffing.

Might be an idea to keep the latest podcast in that top bar category. It might slip off the page before most posters see it.

Yeah, sorry about that Eggs – both have a tendency to ramble.


everytime i see Rudiger i think of Brad Goodman


I’m looking at the picture up there and wondering if Gylfi has been bitten and is now one of the Walkers from “The Walking Dead”