Everton have u-turned and reopened talks with Sam Allardyce about becoming their next permanent manager, according to Sky Sports News.

After failing to bring in Watford boss Marco Silva, and a dismal run of five defeats from seven games under interim boss David Unsworth, Everton have again approached Allardyce’s representatives after earlier talks broke down.

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Stop being silly Neil, he's our next manager after we get relegated

That will be Warnock


I mean is it guaranteed? All these so called knowledgeable people saying, ya you get Sam. We're gonna stay up. That's if you agree we're goin down. But yeah, were exactly is the guarantee in that. Here's the answer, well he's never taken anyone down before.

Go buy a car from a lot from any salesman he'll tell ya, these wheels have got a perfect history. When you break down. He'll tell ya, never happened before guv. Feck off.


Close thread please he has been annouched as our new Manager good or bad news!

Barnfred 55

Nope will take on a @davek roll on the forum and rage against the machine mate b:razz:

He'll have that many acolytes on here he won't know what to do with himself. The villain becomes the folk hero.:)

Guarantee that wont happen with Allardyce.


Still want to know the answer to, what happens if we get relegated with fat Sam?