Sam Allardyce has admitted a club of Everton’s stature would have to be considered if he was approached.

Allardyce: “Who knows? I’d have to consider that if that phone call happens.

“There’s no point in speculating at the moment. David Unsworth is in the chair, Joe [Royle] sat upstairs will have an opinion today and probably from the Chelsea game.

“At the moment it looks like it’s going to be really tough for Everton to get out of that position. Not that the lads are not trying, but as a team collectively they can’t get a clean sheet and as a team in possession, they can’t score a goal. Those are the two problems – if you resolve one, you’ll end up resolving the other.”

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Needs must for me. Get Fat Head in to steady the ship as opposed to appointing Dyche on a long term contract. Re-evaluate in the summer.

The binman chronicles

What's not to like? Now there is one manager who is bigger than Everton…physically anyhow.


Another reason to love Brian Clough.

Horrible though he is, Sir Alex Ferguson as well.

Blackwell Livermore

Considering the mess we're in, I think the only options are:

  • Unsworth
  • Dyche
  • Allardyce

Choose your favourite. Yes, that's an indication of how bad we have become. Sad times. šŸ™

Only temporary Friend.


The School of Science, The Holy Trinity, we are a footballing institution steeped in great history and tradition. A sleeping giant. And here we are discussing that a corrupt footballing Neanderthal might be our new Manager. After all the optimism of the Summer, we are gonna end up with this man as manager. Even Crystal Palace and West Ham fans hated his brand of football. If this happens, it will be a very sad day for Everton Football Club. Huge Massive gigantic humongous swerve from me.