Everton vs Blackburn Rovers 14:00 27th July

Most of the local sports news this week has centred on the red half of Merseyside, and oh how we´ve chuckled. Catching their fans by surprise like a hidden speed camera flashing that beaut in his 1999 Vauxhall Corsa, Luis Suarez has asked for a move to London.

Obviously the British media don´t operate there. Apart from the news that Kevin Sheedy didn´t really like Moyes, and that Martinez is quite a nice bloke, the only real news has been that Jelavic may be offski, and we may end up with two players called Kone.

In a relatively uneventful week we now have cause to look forward to an away game which not too long ago was a bona fide Premier League fixture. Indeed, they´re the only side apart from Manchesters United and City, Chelsea and Arsenal who have won the premier League – but then football was invented a long time before 1992, and oh how a bunch of chicken farmers have made them fall, quick and hard.

I never really liked playing Blackburn, but that was nothing to do with Kenny Dalgleish – I just thought they were one of those poor teams who always seemed to grind out draws with us.

A few of the lads from here are going up there for the game, so lets have them, blues!

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