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Keep the z-cars sirens?

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All the post-match interviews have stressed how important the loud support was. Silva said it did 20 or 30% of the job for the team.

It should be like that for all games at Goodison. Easier said than done I suppose.
Important games at Goodison are few and far between. Our seasons are usually over in January. It’s a two-way street.

Saint Domingo

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Amazing what a bit of effort can do from people at Everton isn’t it. Even just going back to something we used to do helped whip the crowd up. Hacks me off how the club have given up doing anything to help give us a competitive edge. The pre match is all about coming across as the nicest most charitable club in the world rather than getting the fans in the mood to help the team for 90 minutes.


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Didn't even notice the siren there was that much noise atm tbh.

Anyone think it was abit weird they played z cars again after half time though.


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lads whats the story here with the sirens and the song? i know Tony Bellew use to come out to it for he's ring walk, but never heard it at Goodison before, is this new? or is there history behind it all?


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Great idea, which had been very well recieved I see, all credit to Bill Kenwright for pulling off another great idea


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Every game without fail. We need something to bring the whole stadium together at that single moment the players walk out the tunnel. The polite applause and a bit of clapping / cheering are nothing compared to Sunday. For an idea of how to get a ground jumping as the players walk out , search for besiktas fans on your search engine.

Gwladys St. Glory

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I get it, I do...but this isn't the WWE. Hell, you may as well start it off with "we shall fight on the beaches..." etc., if you're gonna' go down that road.

It's just masking a problem that's a combination of other issues from within the sport and around the club. Add to that, it'd look damn stupid when your side's genuinely crap. Shouldn't be done again for the rest of the season or ever again, especially if they drop the league...if only just to piss them off more.

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