Z-cars sirens

Keep the z-cars sirens?

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Great atmosphere overall but I actually feel like a lot of the videos do the level of noise a disservice or at least what it was like at the back of the Street End!

If only we had scored the chance later on, then I think the closest comparable example would have been Fiorentina as it would have been limbs everywhere.

For me, I say play it for the last few games of this season as while Goodison won't be to the same level of ferocity, I hope it has inspired the fans a fair bit.


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The sirens sound boss after hearing them on the videos but I honestly don't think it had any effect on the atmosphere as I didn't even realise they'd done it at the time. I sit at the back of Gwladys and we thought they'd just been playing Z-Cars for ages before they actually came out, it was loud enough to not really be able to pick up what was coming over the tannoy clearly.

Anyone who thinks it would have an effect on the crowd in a normal game has obviously never been at Goodison when they've turned the sound down on Grand Old Team for us to sing along after a win... to be met with absolute silence. There's a time and a place for these things, and I think some people are having a bit of an issue understanding cause and effect.


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I would use judgement but with some loose rules:
  • all derbies
  • all PL cup games
  • all night games
Not a fan of these 'any top-six game' shouts. It completely lacks tradition; the antithesis of Everton Football Club. Since when have we gone around accepting and embracing that sort of media-led BS? Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal are not special per se.

We also need to recognise the siren was a consequence, not a cause, of the fans being well up for the game. It's on us to bring that every week, with or without a siren!


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Has to be for every game - otherwise we're giving the opposition an easy motivation point. If we don't play it "they don't respect us"; if we do "they're scared of us". And it's way too good not to use.

Also, does anyone else remember a time there was an unpredictable celebrity in the White House and seriously scary people in the Kremlin? Well, at the sound of the air attack warning, you and your family...



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Whatever the future use of the sirens sunday should be a wakeup call to the club that there are ways to generate noise at Goodison.
Sometimes home games can be too quiet. I know this was a derby so its bound to be different but at the end of the day our fans are as passionate as the best. You see that at away games consistently.
Great idea by the club on sunday to play Grand old team and Z cars so loud and what a response from the crowd.
Ultimately the performance on the pitch will dictate the crowds mood but sunday must have showed that both the club and crowd can also help

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