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Wigan 2-2 Everton. 6th Oct @ 15.00.

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I think both teams will go out and try and play decent football. Up for it if I can afford the touts prices! Rather depends on what time I finish work.
Both teams will get chances and our back 4 will look jittery at times. Fellaini will miss a sitter, but we should take this in a tight game.
Hibbert with a brace. Not goals, just had his teeth done.


Player Valuation: £70m


Only kidding, boss preview that mate, laughed a few times. Good to see you're not running out of material!

Come on you blue boys.


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Top write up, always enjoy them when I get the chance to read them properly. Tell ya why. It's written from the viewpoint of a proper Everton and footy fan. None of the usual flowery platitudes and cliches that is contained in other stuff.

Wigan to win 3-0* though. Soz.

*if I ever back or tip us we play like paraplegic spazmatrons.

TX Tiburon

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Glad to know that I am not the only one thrown off by Pienaar shaving the dreads. Classic comparison of Pienaar & Osman to Fifa game controller. No question Pienaar is represented by the better operating game pad. For me, Neville is the one that is so frustrating. His game controller seems to move in fits and starts and can never pass forward. You end up smashing the controller in rage but your buddy calls "user error" pissing you off that much more.


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You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to chicoazul again. Sorry mate. Great write-up though. Cheers.

Coleman at RB is interesting as this has been a great run of games to give him some experience without facing anyone too dangerous on the opposition side. The problem is that I can't really remember him having to do much defensively. Having Neville to cover may have helped him out a lot. If Neville is dropped for Gibson then Gibson could cover but he doesn't have the experience at RB that Neville has so we may see Coleman dropped too. Or maybe it's time for him to sink or swim without Neville. He's obviously a much better alternative going forward but jury is still out on defending.


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Wish I could get more of the references (I'm a Yank) but the xbox controller was classic - Osman is like pressing the pass button instead of shoot, and the ball dribbles meekly to the keeper.

Feel much more confident with Gibbo back, but still think, like the Soton game, we'll need to score 2 or more to win. Likely to leak one.

I'll be in Las Vegas for the first time, hungover as a tick in an alcohol jar, but looking forward to watching at 7am, just have to find a place that will show it there, or watch on my phone. All my chips on Everton!
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