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Who's To Blame

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by R934, Sep 12, 2017.


Who's To Blame For Our Failure To Land A Replacement For Lukaku?

  1. Koeman

  2. Walsh

  3. Moshiri

  4. Board

  5. Cheese On Toast?

  6. I've 'wet the bed' and 'my heads gone' its clearly my fault

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  1. LouReedwalkonthewildside

    LouReedwalkonthewildside Pie dinner, loadsa gravy Forum Supporter

  2. Solid opener, solid poll @R934. Big fan here.
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  3. Brisan123

    Brisan123 Player Valuation: £40m

    I don't see what's so hard to see
    Lukaku wanted to go , he stated this many times
    His agent wanted him to go.
    Lukaku actively agitated for a move
    We could have kept him and had a stroppy waster on our hands for months , don't forget he hung his boots up last March ( when I suspect the United deal was done )
    Keeping Lukaku was not an option
    We got good money , Rooney ( with half his wages paid for 2 years ) and a chance to get deals done early.
    We had IMO deals done for Keane , Pickford ,Klassen and Siggy agreed before or shortly after the season ended
    Granted Swansea went back on it but that's not our fault.
    Giroud was the No1 target so obviously he and the second target failed to materialise
    Other players were lined up to be sold and we were IMO counting on that money to buy more players
    Barkley 35 m
    McCarthy 20 m
    Naisse. 10 m
    Lennon 5 m
    Robles 5 m
    Possibly FM before his injury 20m was also lined up
    That's the guts of 100 m that we potentially lost out on
    If things had worked out as planned and we had got that money in and bought a CF 35/40 m CB 25/30 and a left back plus a winger than we'd all be rejoicing
    Newcastle being skint and Ross being a [Poor language removed] cost us dearly this window.
  4. Connor

    Connor Doing bits, here and there.

    The Park End is. If they'd loved Rom a bit more, he'd have stayed. Same with Barkley, Stones, et al.
  5. Brisan123

    Brisan123 Player Valuation: £40m

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  6. Connor

    Connor Doing bits, here and there.

    Oh and Martinez. If he'd never have brought us a genuine World Class striker, we'd have never had our hearts broken.
  7. originalgreaserbob

    originalgreaserbob In a phenomenal moment of form. Forum Supporter

  8. toffee-L

    toffee-L Player Valuation: £5m

    Plenty of blame to go around, i'll be very impressed if Koeman can get anything going with the present bunch of players he has. He's said countless times since he's been here that he wanted a high energy pressing team but the only players we have who can do that is Gana and the currently crocked Coleman (God we miss him). Add to that the fact that we can't press as a team (therefore defend high effectively) we can't build pressure through possession and even during turnovers we don't have the pace to break away....

    Oh and did I mention that we don't have a reliable striker?
  9. Osamabindiesel

    Osamabindiesel Player Valuation: £40m

    Everyone is a little at fault here. The board dawdled and didn't want to spend any significant money (only bought Siggy after Koeman begged). Koeman really pinned his hopes on Giroud and I don't think he really had a backup plan as he thought it was a sure thing. The scouting department may be the only relatively blameless party here as there was no way we were going to go after a no name striker with this much inexperience at the position. If anyone on the board truly thought Rooney could play that position, then they deserve to be sacked.
  10. ToffeeTim

    ToffeeTim Player Valuation: £70m

  11. Eggs

    Eggs Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter

    ..oh dear.
  12. argietoffee

    argietoffee Player Valuation: £8m Forum Supporter

    The Tories.
  13. ilikecheese

    ilikecheese Member: Team PoP

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  14. argietoffee

    argietoffee Player Valuation: £8m Forum Supporter

  15. Thomasc

    Thomasc Formerly known as By God I'm Blue

    Has anybody mentioned Pistone?
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