What did Ancelotti really say to Referee Kavanagh?

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I heard on footage him saying "I will stay right here..." so the Ref must have been telling him to go away.
The ref tells him to disappear, and Ancellotti responds by saying I wont disappear. So the ref gives him the red card along with the words "Off you go" 3 times.


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The best bit is that the refs then ask for respect and gob off about being abused by fans and none of the players showing them any respect. Well they’ve now got some technology which can make it so they never make another wrong decision again (which is something many people would love in their job) but instead of using the monitor to get a grip of their own game they’re terrified of going against their mate hundreds of miles away sat in a room who can’t take the game or moment into context.

They’re an incompetent bunch of cowards who’ve put themselves into a “the whole worlds against us” boys and ego club by their sheer inability to do their job they’ve shown over the years which has just made VAR utterly pointless. And I’m not one of the tinfoil hat brigade but a Manc ref already accused of bias taking a game involving a team widely known to get the rub of the green and even had “fergie time” named after them hasn’t given the authorities much credibility has it?
Scrap VAR. Add two more linesmen, half a pitch each and give us our game back. More American influence. Nothing is real to those halfwits if it is not on TV.


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Should bring in foreign refs for VAR who have no vested interest in weather the "big boys" get the result.
My Uncle reffed professionally in Australia for some years, did some int'l matches as well. He's an "American" who moved there in the 70s, so don't think he has any vested interest in English clubs. If i could get a vid of the whole sequence, would send it to him for his take.


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Each time it happens I just think "it's just rank incompetence, you can't really say it's corrupt" but when you see it laid out like that...
It is incompetence, every club gets it, but some obviously get it less so because the officials are scared of the monied clubs, but they are the ones who moan the loudest too and it makes ref think.

All this talk about their being an agenda is tongue in cheek from me, but there's enough evidence in my post you've quoted for us to at least shout about it in the media constantly and ask serious questions. Can you imagine mourinho sitting back and accepting his club being the first to be screwed over in those situations?

I don't care if its different players and different managers on the receiving end, it's still our club getting shafted on a regular basis, a lot of people have been at the club a long time and overseen all those events, time for them to stand up and make their voices known. That's 3 big rules to be brought in in the last few years and we've always been the first to be made an example of.


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The ref tells him to disappear, and Ancellotti responds by saying I wont disappear. So the ref gives him the red card along with the words "Off you go" 3 times.
Pure arrogance that, the no mark. He seemed to go back at Ancelotti when he was talking to the linesman.

It must have took all of Ancelotti’s will power to not chin him when he pointed at him and said off you go.
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