Weird and wonderful places youve tuned into an Everton match.


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Phoning the club midweek in the 70s for updates (must have been pre-Ceefax)

Phoning home from Venice Airport (Coventry 1998) and then waiting 3 hours to learn if we’d be saved from relegation.

Cumberland moors when we played Wimbledon 1994 and stayed up.

Logging on to the internet (at great expense) when on a cruise ship. We drew at Fulham.

Lisbon PORTUGAL (no, not in Liverpool) Bolton 0 Everton 1. Would have given anything to not be there - my brother had died 12 hours earlier at The British Hospital in the appropriately named Santa Domingo district. (By Benfica’s ground)

And countless other crazy things.
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For two years, working in Sudan and Ghana, catching the Blues on internet radio or Saudi/South African tv feeds helped maintain sanity admirably.
The night game when Darron Gibson scored to beat Man City at 1am was epic as my wild celebrations woke up most of the apartment building lollollol


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In the same vein. Pre Sky Sports. Listening to AFRTS to get updates (and very rarely commentary) on Packers games. The reception was terrible but when we finally beat The Bears (controversial call after The Majik Man definitely threw the winning pass miles beyond the line of scrimmage) it was worth the minus 5 degrees in my ice cold car where the only radio reception was possible


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Not really exotic by any mean but when I happen to cut grass during match times, I am love turning on the Everton Official Broadcast and listen to the lads call the game. It gets me so excited when their tone of voice changes from a string of passes, shots, saves. Nothing like experiencing my favorite game by just the words of others. Paints a perfect picture of what is going on.

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I know this is a bit off topic, but I was on the way back down from Everest base camp and was in the biggest town on the way down (Namchee Bazar).

Can’t remember if I was watching a game or not, but I ended up asking some lad if he was from Merseyside because of the accent.

Turned out not only was he from the same town as me (Southport), but he was a blue, and we actually had friends in common AND we had played each other multiple times in amateur footy.

How mad is that!?


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Was on a large container ship off East Africa on the way back from Beijing.Was watching us batter Chelsea in the cup Lukaku just got his second.

Anyway alarm went up that we were being chased by pirate's on speed boats.

The security were shooting at them non stop from on board but one managed to get alongside.

There were only 12 of us on board so we had to help by grabbing bullets for the armed security as they were running out.

Anyway long story short this boat was obliterated and 4 dead on board with one of them with a Chelsea top on.

I shouted have that ye cockney prick.Battered twice in a day.


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Watched Chelsea away last season in a small corner bar in Prague whilst on a weekend break, it was pretty much empty with a big telly as well. Bliss.

My favourite memory of watching a match on TV though was the Barca-PSG game from a few years ago. Me and my mate were in Amsterdam, got absolutely goosed off of some hash, went to the Square Bar where we ate loads of BBQ ribs and the went mental along with everyone else when Sergi Roberto netted the last gasp winner. Will treasure that night all my life.
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Great thread.

I was in Roadtown in the British Virgin Islands over Christmas a few years ago. There had been a hell of a storm there a few weeks before I'd arrived and most of the power was still out on the island. We'd been on a tour of an old slavery plantation in the morning, but I knew I needed to find a TV / radio or somewhere with decent signal / wifi to watch or listen to the derby in the afternoon.

I walked for about 3 or 4 miles trying to find a bar or something showing the Footy and was stopped by an old guy who genuinely called himself 'Uncle Ben' after the rice! He started trying to flog me 'aloe vera' for sunburn - having been to the Caribbean before, this generally leads to a conversation about Marijuana - I politely said no but he was a really nice fella who asked where I was headed, told him I was a blue and was looking for somewhere showing the Merseyside Derby.

He ended up walking me down this side street to his 'cousins' house. Long story short, I ended up sat on a porch in a weather-beaten old shack with Uncle Ben and a guy called Randy, huddled around a tiny portable TV watching the second half of the derby. It was the 2016 Goodison derby where Mane scored late on, so wasn't a particularly good game but I always remember those guys.
that is an ace story.

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