Weird and wonderful places youve tuned into an Everton match.

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A post on the Travel thread from @Disgruntledgoat got me thinking. He said he’d be listening to this weekends game whilst cycling up the highest road in the Alps and I wondered what other weird and wonderful places other posters have tuned into an Everton game.

GOT is such a global and diverse group and I can’t recall this being done before, so it might be interesting.

Oh, and the Lisbon doesn’t count.


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Pretty much every holiday I’ve been on since I can remember I’ve managed to watch the blues one way or another, from Asia to USA, Aus etc.

I went to Dublin for the weekend a couple years ago for my birds birthday, she had loads planned for us.

“Let’s just get a breakfast in this pub before we get started”... I knew full well it was derby day.
I kept us in there for 3-4 hours watching us get beat by the RS (the Pennington one).

She wasn’t best pleased to say the least.


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Great thread.

I was in Roadtown in the British Virgin Islands over Christmas a few years ago. There had been a hell of a storm there a few weeks before I'd arrived and most of the power was still out on the island. We'd been on a tour of an old slavery plantation in the morning, but I knew I needed to find a TV / radio or somewhere with decent signal / wifi to watch or listen to the derby in the afternoon.

I walked for about 3 or 4 miles trying to find a bar or something showing the Footy and was stopped by an old guy who genuinely called himself 'Uncle Ben' after the rice! He started trying to flog me 'aloe vera' for sunburn - having been to the Caribbean before, this generally leads to a conversation about Marijuana - I politely said no but he was a really nice fella who asked where I was headed, told him I was a blue and was looking for somewhere showing the Merseyside Derby.

He ended up walking me down this side street to his 'cousins' house. Long story short, I ended up sat on a porch in a weather-beaten old shack with Uncle Ben and a guy called Randy, huddled around a tiny portable TV watching the second half of the derby. It was the 2016 Goodison derby where Mane scored late on, so wasn't a particularly good game but I always remember those guys.
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Me and my brother were sharing a headphone each listening to Everton TV. We were on a tiny boat going between Caldey Island and Tenby with very sporadic internet connection. The trip was short but during one of the radio blackouts Lukaku scored the 3rd in a 3-1 win against Burnley.. and didn'd the rest of the boat know it when we eventually heard the news! Lovely monastery on Caldey Island by the way.. the monks make some brilliant chocolate if anyone finds themselves near Tenby.


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Not tuning in to a match as such but in September '96 I was on a lads holiday in America. We were at Grand Canyon in over 100F heat walking the trail down to the bottom. Several hours later I was absolutely exhausted and burnt to a crisp. Called home to check in with my parents and my Dad told me the Everton game finished 4-0 away at Wimbledon. I was assuming we'd won but it wasn't until 3 weeks later when I was back home and at the match that I found it we'd got beat 4-0.


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In the 99-00 season I attended every game home and away apart from one match, Everton 4-4 Leeds. I was in America, there was a time difference of 7 hours and I spent the match on a pay phone to my dad who was giving me commentary from sky and the radio.


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In the 99-00 season I attended every game home and away apart from one match, Everton 4-4 Leeds. I was in America, there was a time difference of 7 hours and I spent the match on a pay phone to my dad who was giving me commentary from sky and the radio.
That's dedication.

Everton Vs Man Utd semi final of the FA Cup that we won on pens. We where sitting in UK waters at periscope depth and the captain let us stay there with a mast up as he knew there where a few blues and mancs onboard. Best day at sea ever.
Love this

mikey 62

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Its a bit of a story but will try keep it short as possible

1984 Milk Cup Final , against the R/S
Living in South Africa only TV channel showing the game was SWAZI TV , no probs , off Dad and me went 370 km away
On the way there at the Valley Of Thousand hills ,raining Dad rolled the car ended doing my left arm in a bad way got to nearest hospital in the Valley , got told its bad !
Never the less stayed for the match arm in a cast , got back home missus was livid ended up with a double fracture in for an Op Tuesday
Dad comes to visit on Wednesday and tells me the replay in on BOP TV which broadcasts into South Africa ! , so told Doctor and missus got to go , Mum and missus pitch up begging the Sister for someone with a TV , scoured the place and found a bloke with a small TV so watched our loss there !
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