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  • Ahh man, we didn't make it! Ha. Bearing in mind she's the MD, she didn't make it out of work til gone 7. The gig was quite an early one in Oxford, so we ended up just boozin nearby. We're keeping our eyes out for another random gig soon!
    Ha, I made the plunge after about a year. I had no idea you could really upgrade as I didn't really know what the sketch was. It feels right making the upgrade, especially as you get to ask J Dawg questions about women
    Yeah, you're the only non forum member I think I made a TOP Trump card of! I have far too much free time. Meant to post this a few weeks ago =)

    I guess it comes down to what you believe based on experience in the end. For me, I've no doubt that they'll be bona fide. I've seen emails in the past off Ross admitting that the FSF scam was indeed a scam.
    As it is already mate. Sad really. We'll pull it back though, the worst thing we can do is to give in and let the board be over run.
    I know mate, agreed. I just know that those that run the site won't have made the decision to get rid of rep lightly. I've contributed to it and no mistake with Snidermanning!

    I do hope it comes back.

    I demand that you put tinfoil hats on yourself and one of your cats, and post the picture ffs.

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