Was Souness Right About Kean All Along??????


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We have but guests or other fans visiting the site may have not. Doesn’t paint us in a great light asking the question “should we have agreed with a racist”.
I don't know, it's just bait. I've seen worse.


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I’m not ready to agree with sourness just yet. I don’t think he has played enough for us for anyone to suitably assess his footballing ability. On the lateness to team meetings, some people are always late for everything, he has been punished, said he’s sorry, that’s the end of it. If it happens again or he does something else then maybe we can say Kean has a problem


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Can someone please explain what happened?
I’ve read through all of this and still no clue what happened.

someone said kean was gonna be an issue?

something happend that this someone believes confirms it ?

no clue really


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When did Souness become a racist? Did he do a 'Ron Atkinson' on air or something?

I don't really see the problem in Kean being late. If he pulls his socks up and gets on with following the rules etc. then no problem; everyone can move on. If it becomes a regular assurance and the lad starts to pretty much put two fingers up to the club, then there's big a problem. Didn't Klopp offload a player that was always late for training and the like?


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When did Souness become a racist? Did he do a 'Ron Atkinson' on air or something?
A while back, on Sky, he was questioning why Juve let him go to Everton, and suggested that there was something other than his talent that was the reason. Attitude everyone assumed by Souness.

Some inferred that was a racist dig, think Kick it Out called him out on it. Me? I am not so sure. But I am a middle aged white man, not a young black man, who can see these comments framed in the context of their own lives.

Exhibit A. Raheem Sterling explaining to the world how the British press is racist in the way it has portrayed a young white footballer and a young black footballer who both bought a house for their mum in a very different light.


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I just don't get why we bother?

Sign good young players, don't play them and the fans turn on them despite that. Been like this since Moyes and nothing has changed.

Until recently holgate

Probably more that are slipping my mind. But it's just a cycle going on and on. We sign them, manager doesn't give them a game, fans think they are terrible and then ask for the manager to be sacked for being terrible.

These sorts of players should be making the spine of the squad, not being expected to win games single handedly. They shouldn't be starting every week but having a fast young Winger, a different type of creative midfielder, quicker centre half , fresher striker etc. They are called options , gives them game time each week and then they can force their way into the team, how it should be.

the club tries to sign ready made and fail, they sign young and never give them a real chance to be built around. No wonder we are where we are.

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