Was Dunc right for hooking Kean?

Was Dunc right to hook Kean?

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This really doesn't need to be a "thing".

It doesn't have to be a case of Ferguson or Kean or right and wrong. Nor is it a case of Kean not caring or "strolling around" (he wasn't).

It can just be a football decision, the two of them can sort it out between them and that's it. There is no issue there because if there was he would not have played him in the first place would he?

It will be fine.
It wasn't so much effort as ineffectiveness. He tried but gave it away and had I think 3 fouls in dangerous areas.


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Bet his Ma is chuffed he is being looked after like Brands promised lol. I just didn't think his performance warranted the change but i'll take Duncs word and hope he is as ruthless with other players who I think have put in some disgraceful performances over the past few years.


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If we are not in a position to play to Keans strengths dont sub him on in the first place.

Doing what he did was absolutely idiotic regardless of Kean -

It damages the players confidence
It damages the team morale
It can create cliques in the dressing room
Its a waste of an actual sub in the game

It wasn't a waste of a sub


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I don't think a lot dispute Dunc night have seen something they made him want to move on but the sub and THEN the snub was uncalled for. He didn't even look at Kean when he was coming off. I really just don't get it.


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If you get paid what these guys get, if you have fought as hard as they have to get to this level... if a hooking after 20 mins breaks them, Jesus wept. He will be fine, might even be the making of him


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Hats off to big dunc for not humiliating him further by telling the reporter why he really took him off, because he’s [Poor language removed], lazy and will never make the grade. We should all be questioning why he’s still at the club after his and his dads antics in the media not why he was dragged off. Play the way you’ve been instructed or your off is the message I would’ve of got today if I was in the Everton squad.
Do you think he was lazy when he came on? As I didn't think he was that bad and not worth to be subbed off for. If he has been when training then why the hell would you bring him on. Was a joke.
One thing I did notice was as soon as he came on he seemed to be unsure where he should be & was in discussion with Richarlison.

A minute later we were defending a corner & was being told by Iwobi. He looked lost.
And unfit.

These issues can be due to multiple factors but given that everyone else in the team looked well drilled (especially Holgate in an unusual position) hard not to question the reason for Kean’s confusion.


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I don't think a lot dispute Dunc night have seen something they made him want to move on but the sub and THEN the snub was uncalled for. He didn't even look at Kean when he was coming off. I really just don't get it.
I really don’t get why people are worried he wasn’t looked at. He added nothing of note bar one pass and he looked anything like a professional footballer out there being shattered at that corner.
We had a game to get somthing out of. If he didn’t hug and high five and smile at the player he subbed I don’t really mind, our confidence is so really shot that if we lost that game, come April we would of been moaning about dropping in to the Championship, not who looked at a subbed player.

roy vernon

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It was Duncan’s decision to make, he made it, we got a point, under Silva there seems to have been little or no discipline. Duncan would be well aware of this, he obviously sent Kean on with clear instructions, apparently a Kean did not carry them out, Duncan hooked him.
A lesson to Kean and quite a few others in the squad, play with heart and aggression. Dunc put a marker down today and not before time. The attitude of quite a few of this crowd has been abysmal under Silva.


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If Dunc gave him specific instructions and he made no effort to carry them out then I have no problem with taking him off again.

The lad has shown a lack of discipline several times since joining. Playing poorly is one thing but playing poorly without attempting to follow the gaffers instructions is out of order.

Obviously we have no idea what Dunc actually told him to do.


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Big Dunc is the manager and he makes the calls. We can't know what is going through his mind when he is trying to change things on the pitch, he said he wanted to use up time and, as far as I am concerned, that is it.
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