The Common Denominator

Why are we so crap?

  • Bill Kenwright holding us back all them years!

  • The fans’ negativity/unrealistic expectations

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Baines' left foot

Player Valuation: £70m
Ever since ‘not good enough for us’ Dour Moyes left we’ve been inconsistent to say the least. We’ve changed owners, had 5 new managers, and changed the squad over and over again.

What’s the common denominator?


Love Everton, Hate Benitez

The binman chronicles

Player Valuation: £70m
Us as fans. In the 11 seasons with Moyes as our manager we finished with less or the same points as we have now in 6 of those seasons, we still could theoretically (although unlikely) top another 2. And had we just beaten Newcastle twice we would have already got Moyes' record points haul of 65.

We just need to have a coke and a smile and think if we've done this playing so badly just think what could happen if we get a few more decent players.


Player Valuation: £70m
Average position under all managers including Moyes has been roughly 8th.

We are VERY consistent in that respect. The club eventually reverts to that position, almost regardless of cash spent.
Which either shows what a good job Moyes/Kenwright did, or what a rubbish job Moshiri is doing, probably both
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