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Well worth a trip and always has a good crowd there. As an alternative, there is also a new New Jersey toffees supporters club started this season. They meet in the Horseshoe Tavern Morristown - probably a 45 min trek by uber from midtown but. Nice bunch of blues!
@Gwlacticos can vouch for @Dublin blue 75 - i am one of the New Jersey Evertonians! Let me know if you want more info on the place - Morristown is a great spot, if you're lookin to get away from the city.

But Turnmill is 100% a great spot! been many a time. Lot of beers on tap, and decent food choices for breakfast (and if you're not a fan, theres plenty of other spots to pick up food in the area)


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Reckon it’s a big game for us this. Win and this looks like an objectively good start to the season (6 unbeaten, consecutive wins including an away etc, that sort of record should you safe fairly comfortably), a draw continues the unbeaten run but keeps us in the ‘promising signs but need to start winning at some point’ territory, while a loss probably makes it an objectively poor start.

I feel like an away win would be a massive step for us so fingers crossed we can keep up the recent improvements.

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