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Player Valuation: £35m
My point is mate if you go to a boozer in Coventry and tell a fan of theirs how hard Everton have had it these past 2 decades you'll get laughed oot of town.

It's very Blue Tinted to suggest we've hard "dark times" particularly since 2000 onwards. Frustrating yes but not hard i.e relegations/administration/liquidation that many clubs have faced over the years.

Yes it may be "relative" based on history/size of the club - hard times for a Man Utd fan is finishing 8th but you aint going to have me shed a tear for the "poor sods" when clubs like Sunderland have back to back relegations, Bolton/Derby in financial trouble etc.

I just dont buy what Mr Sweet was selling.
Imagine going back 10 years and telling our fans we are trying to run the chairman out the club, and then telling them it’s because he provided £600m to spend.

Jeff Jones

Player Valuation: £35m
Not only are you unable to provide a definition of the word woke, despite repeated requests, you’re now unable to confirm the year of your birth. You are by far the worst poster on this website.
Has anyone got one? I keep hearing the word, but I don't know what it means apart from the fact that it seems to be meant to be insulting.

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