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Some people compared him to Sam but for me one particular thing stands out . when allardyce was appointed I was actually ok with it as unlike many I thought we were in trouble . I’d never understood why Sam was so hated by fans of pretty much every club he’d been at but after his arrival I got it fairly quickly. Not saying he didn’t do ok , because he did but he’s extremely unlikeable . I ran into a Burnley fan the other day and like the vast majority of them he absolutely loves Dyche him and wish him nothing but success and after one game i’m starting to get why .

it’s definitely a contrast .
We created as many chances yesterday as Gravy Guts did in his entire tenure.
Edit - and Lampard Tbf!
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Saint Domingo

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He’s definitely growing on me, ever since the bleep tests and rules on training ground gear day one. The organisation and workrate were very impressive after such a short time working with the team.

Though I like lampard as a man, he was clearly one of the boys and wasn’t at all well respected by the squad, or we would have seen these players have a hell of a lot to answer for.

if Dyche can continue to inspire those frauds in our dressing room to the same levels of effort from now until seasons end, we will be fine.

I hope they don’t throw him under the bus like the last 7 managers, and down tools. The good thing is I think he will bomb them out of the team/club and they never get to pull the royal blue on again.

Oh, and I’ve been talking like him all weekend with all the screaming and shouting - cheers Dychey!

We’ve turned over a lot of the playing staff which is the key difference now.

Siggurdson Schneiderlin Keane Kenny Davies Holgate Delph Gomes Bernard Digne Doucoure - they were all prone to downing tools, walking round the pitch, shocking lapses of concentration. Some of them just weren’t good enough and some of there were really bad professionals who saw off a succession of managers to save their own skins and stay on fat contracts.

From what little I’ve seen of Tarkowski Coady Mykolenko Onana Garner Gueye (we know more about and he’s always worked for us) McNeill is that these were players who were working hard and trying for us but were just on the wrong side of games tactically and then lost a lot of confidence under Lampard.

I’m hoping we have a far better culture in the squad now that isn’t going to look to unseat Dyche when they feel he might be getting rid of a few of them.

There’s still a few I’d see out the door. I’d happily see Keane Davies Doucoure (despite a decent performance on Saturday) leave the club, and I think Coleman can’t maintain the level he showed yesterday on a consistent basis.

In the past few seasons when we hit one of our death spirals I’d have gladly seen any single player in the squad out the door but I think there’s some decent players in this squad who did try to work hard for Lampard but Lampard just couldn’t find a winning system.

Hopefully if Dyche can keep us up we can finally once and for all eradicate the rotting core of the squad that has plagued us for years, keep the good pros, sort out the fitness issues so they’re available more often, and hopefully recruit better on top of them. Then we can start moving back up as a club under Dyche and put the last five nightmare years behind us.


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It’s been one game. Lampard went on a run of beating Chelsea United etc last season but struggled against the lower teams. Until that is rectified it would wise to not get carried away
Strange i dont remember any 'run' with Lampard. Also beating Man U last year was beating one of the lower teams, they were absolute garbage, soft and easy to beat.
I think the last few months wiped away any positive sentiment we got in his early days. I agree as Sean has said we should not get carried away, it was just a start of some new foundations.


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Soccer snobs (hipsters) would rather cancel their subscription oatmeal lattes then let that scenario play our, fisrt loss and they will swarm the place like new plant placed food on Kickstarter.
Your attitude to hipsters has got nothing to do with supporters opinion of Dyche. He is a likeable bloke and we all hope he will be a success. It is not a requirement to eat scouse and roasties, have two sugars in your coffee, chips and fish every Friday to be a supporter.


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Your attitude to hipsters has got nothing to do with supporters opinion of Dyche. He is a likeable bloke and we all hope he will be a success. It is not a requirement to eat scouse and roasties, have two sugars in your coffee, chips and fish every Friday to be a supporter.
God I remember the days of fish and chips every Friday , I think Everton were successful then. Could be a lesson there .


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Very positive today but this group are Jekyll and Hyde...if we play like that at Anfield we'll win but this groups problem is consistency. They turn out one good performance and follow it up with a bad one.

I do think there won't be any back patting this week Dyche will turn the intensity up on the training ground.
Well you say consistency but they have not played like they did on Saturday for a long long time!! If they play more like that every week the consistency will come for sure!


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I get the feeling we wont have much money to spend for a few windows if he keeps us up he may be here for at least 2 seasons until we stabilize financially. He seems the perfect type of manager to get results with little or limited investment.
At least yesterday proved that the players are good enough with the right attitude and system. Dyche said at first interview there is not as much wrong as you think. Hope it proves right

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