Referees v Everton

Ron Swanson

Player Valuation: £2.5m
when people run, both feet are often off the ground, try doing that with any tackle and there will be a point when both feet are off the ground. Depends what narrative one wants to take. No way on earth is a RS midfielder getting sent off for that challenge.
More accurate would be ‘no way on earth is an English midfielder sent off for that challenge.’


Player Valuation: £8m
My immediate thought.

Son got elbowed by Gomes, complained to Atkinson and then in the next 2 minutes proceeded to try and kick Iwobi before hunting down Gomes from behind in a tackle that was far more dangerous in every respect than was that of Allan on Saint-Maximin.

It's the lack of consistency/transparency that naturally leads to feelings of doubt.
Don't miss the fact that every media outlet, pundit and commentator tried to convince is Son didn't mean it and wasn't that kind of player.

Then a few weeks later he got sent off again for another deliberate, bad foul.


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