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One more sleep To go!

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Snake pit, May 15, 2018.

  1. Snake pit

    Snake pit Player Valuation: £225k

    I’m allowing my self to finally get a little excited! With a bit of luck this time tomorrow we will have a clearer picture of how the new structure of the club will look and please god who ever it is in Charge (obviously not Allardyce) let’s all get behind them and the team. I’m a little long in the tooth and remember the likes of Mike Pejic...Martin Dobson, Telfer et al...I supported when we where crap and supported when we won the lot, but I have never known us supporters so low in spirit as we are now. Now we are doubtless going to get hammered by the press over the way we have treated poor old BFS but let’s embrace who ever comes in, let’s start supporting the club and whatever players make the cut and let’s try and get optimism back. it’s not my train set to play with it’s Moshiris..we all have opinions and they may differ to his but he’s put a large wedge of his dosh where his mouth is so we owe him just a little leeway to see if he gets it right...3rd time lucky an all! ...it’s up to us as much as Moshiri...the new manager and the players who fight for the shirt and have belief in themselves to bring the good times back. Let’s just hope we get something we can all believe in because there ain’t any better feeling in the world as watching the boys in blue giving their all for the shirt and the whole of Goodison bouncing as only the wooden lady can when everyone comes together.
  2. Toast

    Toast Player Valuation: £70m

    It will take more than one nights sleep to sort this mess out mate.
  3. Jc74

    Jc74 Player Valuation: £500k

    First sam then suntan bob followed by the granny sha gger then hopefully walsh. Could be the best week of the season
  4. GrandOldTeam

     GrandOldTeam Moderator Staff Member

    I like this thread.

    Post more mate.

    Up the blues.
  5. Snake pit

    Snake pit Player Valuation: £225k

    Have faith Toast...every good thing begins with belief...glass half full and all that...it could be worse..we could all be Stoke supporters...be,thankful for small mercies
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  6. lancs blue

    lancs blue Player Valuation: £20m

    Silva signing then sacked in November followed by Mark Hughes joining. You know it will happen
  7. Toffe3m4n

    Toffe3m4n Player Valuation: £70m

    ..and so the cycle begins again
  8. lancs blue

    lancs blue Player Valuation: £20m

    Your talking about everton mate. We'd win the champions league only to get disqualified. Pessimism is inbred now
  9. Loz

    Loz Nil Satis ‘n’ all that Forum Supporter

    I’m going to open a bottle of crystal head that I’ve been saving.
    When I eventually wake up I expect there to have been changes and find myself at the dawn of a new era.
    Having said that and being an Evertonian I suspect I’ll just wake up with a headache, be late for work, and everything else will be the sodding same.
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  10. Toast

    Toast Player Valuation: £70m

    Oh I'm a believer mate.
    I've done 7 aways this season, never stayed and watched the full 90 mins of ANY.

    Yet, on the train, no, make that the expensive train home on Sunday, we were planning next season trips..

    I know what I want, and that's an utter cull, ruthless, but that won't happen with Kenwright anywhere near the club.
    We all love Duncan, but he's got to go, even watching him warming up our strikers, he couldn't pass to them.
    Jeffers, leaking team news to his mates to post online, whether or not he's aware of that is debatable ?
    John Ebbrell, one of the worst players I've seen in our midfield.
    And as for a goalkeeping coach teaching Pickford to become a worse keeper is utter madness..

    All of them out, a clean slate and I'd get right on it..

    I won't hold me breath.
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  11. matty1878

    matty1878 Player Valuation: £70m

    No don’t mate lol ;)
  12. Kenshin

    Kenshin Player Valuation: £25m

    I always thought moshiri was a believer in being successful until I saw his face.
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  13. Snake pit

    Snake pit Player Valuation: £225k

    But then we are so easily able to convert back to optimism at the drop of a hat as well...a bit like when your missus has a really good day and suddenly says you’re gonna get a BJ later after months of pessimism that the only way you’ll ever get one again is when helll freezes over...just think nice thoughts and the last couple of years will be a distant memory
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
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  14. The binman chronicles

    The binman chronicles Player Valuation: £40m

    Welcome Alan Pardew.
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  15. matty1878

    matty1878 Player Valuation: £70m

    Give it a rest mate

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