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New CB

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by CalebEFC, Jul 14, 2017.

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  1. Osamabindiesel

    Osamabindiesel Player Valuation: £35m

    Be patient. Koeman is waiting till next year after we have champions league so he can bid for someone actually worth a damn. For all we know, Peter Southframpton won't sell Virgil Van Sexy this year and we can convince him to join us next year.
  2. McBain

    McBain Player Valuation: £70m

    He thinks he's on the Telly.
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  3. Zatara

    Zatara Player Valuation: £70m

    Sarr, for me is like a more powerful Holgate/Galloway and I like the idea of him charging up the flank like a left sided thuram

    Diop, put him next to Sarr and they will sort the left side out. Hes massive and will just get bigger and bigger...

    Boscagli doesn't ring a bell but you mentioned him here before.

    How much do you think they would cost?

    Nice play Ajax in Champs League qualifying...we could be waiting :)
  4. gerryandtheRedhaters

    gerryandtheRedhaters Player Valuation: £1.5m

    I's like one in asap so they can form a partnership as others have said.
  5. Nymzee

    Nymzee Player Valuation: £70m Player Thread Sponsor

    His quality isn't good enough for LB trust.

    Erm not sure, Diop would be very expensive I've read, others not so bad. Majority of French teams sell fairly cheap but Nice have big backing now so who knows.
  6. Only worry I have with Holgate is in the air, think it was against Stoke away last season, he really struggled big style when Stoke were lumping balls in, I know not all teams will launch the ball in at every opportunity like Stoke, but still a worry. Saying that though, he's a quality player and I reckon he would have learnt from that Stoke game.
  7. Wonder what Lescott is doing.
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  8. Zatara

    Zatara Player Valuation: £70m

    Whose the new wave of English centre backs then and how do they compare with our own Michael Keane?
  9. peteblue

    peteblue Welcome back Wayne

    Counting his money......
  10. MACCA75

    MACCA75 Player Valuation: £50m


    Keane probably the best of the bunch I would think.
  11. Nymzee

    Nymzee Player Valuation: £70m Player Thread Sponsor

    Keane is the new wave of English centre-backs.

    Chambers, Holding, Mawson, Holgate, Adarabioyo, Chalobah, Fry, Tuanzebe, Gomez, Gibson, Konsa, Hause.

  12. I would cry real tears if we signed any of them.

    My God.
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  13. Nymzee

    Nymzee Player Valuation: £70m Player Thread Sponsor

    Are you crying right now lad because Keane is ours.
  14. MACCA75

    MACCA75 Player Valuation: £50m

    Ben Gibson's a real solid throwback of a centre half I think.
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  15. It highlights 2 things.

    How utterly rubbish the standard of English players are currently and the lack of any real quality in the CB role all through Europe.
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