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Player Valuation: £60m
I'm a bit confused. We've got a new manager with new tactics. We are playing the same horrendous defenders that we used last year. We have properly bought new players that aren't quite up to speed presumably on tactics, fitness, or both. They will be here soon enough.

But what did Jags giving away the ball have to do with Silva? What did Baines stupidly charging into a player have to do with Silva?

Frankly, the officiating was garbage yesterday, Baines bump was no worse than the other two penalties that should've been called in our favor.

To me, what I'm seeing is a much better organized team playing much better football. But beyond that, for those that think a Silva side cannot play defense, apparently they are unable to use google or do any element of research into how he sets up his teams.

When we see Digne, Mina, Zouma, Gomes starting, we will get a true judge of whether or not Silva can set up a defense or not. My guess is that he can. His track record also says so.


Player Valuation: £70m
I feel he has made a grave mistake in sticking with our shambles defence.

Digne and Zouma should have been in this week but he kept with the same defence who were a shambles all last season and expected different results. 5 goals conceeded in 3 games tells its own story.

Yes Baines has had a decent 2 games but he's still ageing Baines and Digne is a CL experienced lad in his prime.

Had Silva made the right changes we would have won that easily. If I was Brands I would be questioning why the head coach is not playing any of the fit signings bar Richarlison.
Which of the new signings are fully fit ?
Just out of curiosity I’d like to know how you know more about the players fitness levels than the coaching staff


Player Valuation: £70m
They’re not two decent sides at all. They’ll both be bottom half fodder and if we want to start acting like a big club, then these are the teams we need to start beating regularly.

Our away form is pathetic and has been for too many years now.
Tell Pep Wolves are bottom half fodder and see what he says
Tell Chelsea that when they were the PL champions beaten by a newly promoted team
Wolves at home in their first game in the PL was never going to be easy
Bournemouth are a decent side at home and got some tasty results last season at home.
You are getting more like Dave every day , making up facts to suit your agenda


Player Valuation: £70m
I think it's quite clear they will at least half way up mate. Huddersfield, Fulham, Cardiff, West Ham, Burnley, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Brighton are all significantly worse than them, and thats just off the top of my head.
I agree
I think it’s City United RS Spurs Chelsea in the top 5 , I can see Arsenal getting cut adrift
Then it’s Arsenal , Us , Leicester , Wolves Bournemouth,and maybe Newcastle in the second grouping with the rest fighting relegation till the end of the season.
Hopefully we can hit the ground running with a fully fit squad after the international break and strive to be the best of the rest for this season.
If Marco pulls a rabbit out the hat in January we may even challenge for fifth


Player Valuation: £70m
They're training: they're ready - and a better bet than the ones in there now starting matches.

The cotton wool needs binning and these players need to start and get match fit over 90 minutes.
Dave surely the coaching staff know more than you about players levels of fitness and abilities to blend into a cohesive defensive unit


Player Valuation: £70m
There's no focus/concentration in that defence when the going gets tough. That's the issue. Yes, some of these players might play ok for the bulk of the game, but when the screw is turned they buckle.

What you really mean is that Baines who called Bobby a fraud and Jags has no character
But that’s only to be expected from you
I don’t think you can say Holgate , Keane and esp Coleman has no character
So you are at best half right


Clique Spokesperson
Dave surely the coaching staff know more than you about players levels of fitness and abilities to blend into a cohesive defensive unit
I suppose Silva should decide whether he believes somebody who went to medical school, has spent the last 30 years or so dealing with pro athletes or Dave, 69, from Wigan who watches Casualty every Saturday night.


Clique Spokesperson
There is being fit and there is being match fit
2 different things
Digne didnt even make the squad last week due to a small injury, Holgate spent most of the summer injured, Mina is injured, Bernard hasnt played for 5months, Gomes is injured. Some of them are not only lacking in match fitness, but actual fitness.


Player Valuation: £70m
My concern with Silva was always whether he could get a defence functioning properly, or if he’d be a Martinez Season 3 type of manager.

We saw from the Watford game last year that his teams are susceptible to throwing away a lead.

But he’s come into a team which couldn’t defend, and fully expect him to integrate Digne, Mina and Zouma over the next month or so. Will judge him on his ability to get the new defensive signings playing properly.
We are just really susceptible to set pieces. Tbf, that was a huge problem under Martinez. We fix that, and our defense will improve drastically.
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