2020/21 Marcel Brands

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Martin Alvito

Player Valuation: £20m
I'm reading now that we're apparently receptive to LOANING Moise Kean to PSG. Again.

Just daft.

One possible explanation is that the destinations are broke. Word on the street seems to be that Madrid can afford a Galactico or a Varane replacement, but not both.

PSG is probably using the fact that they're the only potential destination with liquidity to hold Brands over a barrel.

Now, if you want to talk about past sales and the lack thereof, fire away.


Player Valuation: £20m
Brands recruitment masterclass.


Player Valuation: £70m
Other than City and Utd no clubs look like spending huge this summer. Maybe next year with a full season of full stadiums it might be different. PSG are the only club I've seen be interested in him.

If has a decent season they wont be able to take him on loan again and presumably we are getting a loan fee. Dunno if that would offset a year off his contract but should at least have more options next year?

roy vernon

Player Valuation: £15m
I don't understand why people think he will be leaving when he just signed a 3 year extension. If they wanted him to go, then they had a very easy solution.

It is Everton like, but offering a new contract just to sack someone sounds too stupid even for us.
Who knows Dave, who knows?


Player Valuation: £70m
Depends on the loan fee for Moise, we must have got one last year and will probably get a better one this. Chelsea do this all the time, probably important to be open minded - for example i think we paid about 7 mill to take Zouma on a years loan. So the loan fee should be a for a year of his current value spread over the remainder of his contract.
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