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Not as bad as the 4-0 under Martinez. It was bad though.

Neither the defence, midfield, or attack look like coherent units (and certainly not the team as a whole). I can have a bit of sympathy with the midfield situation because of injuries. The other two ends are lacking in personnel, but still - any manager worth his weight would have been able to get some semblance of a tune out of them before this tough run. Tonight just exposed how badly drilled we are.

Now we’re in the bottom three and it’s hard to see where the next win comes from. From the players to the top brass, we’ve got our work cut out to ensure we don’t slide away into the fizzy pop league.


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How am I being a "BELL" ? And I'm not a LAD. I don't think Walcott would have made any difference to be honest, he isn't as strong on the ball as Iwobe in my opinion.
Stop having a hissy fit. You said he played well and I said he didn't and you starting moaning even though I said you are entitled to your opinion.


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I could see this coming last season, Marco is the same as Martinez and Koeman can’t sort things when they are going wrong, then it gets worse and worse. I wish we hadn’t one them big games at the end of last season, I believe then results saved him then.

Agent Blue

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There's getting beat and then there's further evidence of utter incompetence.

A back line with little pace has to at least be organised and able to keep a semblance of a line and move as a unit. That lot looked like they'd never played together in their lives. It's as clear a statement as anything that there is no real work being done at Finch Farm and MS has clearly downed tools.

Just as he did at Watford.
Tbh, we have looked like that since Moyes left. We need a manager who actually knows what he is doing and has a credible plan.
Direction is badly needed.

The next manager must be someone who actually wants to be here and doesn't just see us as a paycheck. Whoever comes in now will highlight who is making the decisions at the club.

Pay the money and get the Poch

Blue Roo

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I see the Amazon Prime MoM was given to Mane. To me he had a very poor game by his standards, but there's no accounting for taste.

Everton's MoM for me was Iwobe. Holgate was the best of the bunch in defence which isn't saying much. All 5 of the rs goals were too soft for a Premier League game and, as Derby Games go it was a poor performance by both teams.
How old are you? Please don't take offence.
I'm genuinely interested, just trying to understand.
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