Just received a Letter from the club...”foul & abusive language”.


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So telling the truth is now frowned upon. Are the club some Communist Dictatorship now?

My first match I went to I must have been 8, my brother 7. With my Mum and Dad, sat the the Gwladys Street. As soon as the ref blew a lad a couple of rows in front got up shouted as loud as he could "f-ing get into the barstewarding c-word blues!!"

Mum had a face of thunder, my Dad just started laughing. My little brother stands up and shouts "get the barstewards"

If that's happening at Goodison, I think swearing is the least of our problems.

Tipp blue

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Swearing is weird really isn't it? I mean its just letters assembled in a certain order, it's just a sound. Why are they offensive? Who decided they were going to be offensive?

They should ban farting in grounds. That's more of an issue. Dirty gits.
Imagine that letter. Flatulence within the confines of Goodison park and surrounding areas is from henceforth against the rules of the club, anybody caught releasing offending vapors will be banished to Anfield with the rest of the dirty smelly anal discharges.


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If we get beat in the upcoming derby, I will be f*g furious. I don't care who knows about it.

I will shout at the top of my voice. 'You useless shower of f*g losers'

I don't care if they ban me for life.



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Inappropriate Language
This is bollox,what about the players swearing after a bad referee decision or a missed penalty or a zonal marking error or a bad pass or mis controling a pass or a free kick that hits row Z,and im not just talking about Sigurdssen,theres other players too.I reckon next home game everyone gets to their feet at the 3rd minute and shout [email protected]€£ O££. Whose with me.


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Pathetic from the club that.

In other news they told me I would get a refund for not getting into the Lincoln game until 30 minutes gone, which i never got, twice ive got back onto them about it and twice they have told me they will look into it and get back in touch, useless. Not bothered about the small amount of money its the principle of how badly organised they are. But they can take time to send a letter like that?

Maybe they are worried about everyone going mad at the Derby
You wanna try getting into correspondence with 'Talk Talk'. The absolute bunch of brainless cretins would make Everton's organisation look like a purring rolls royce.


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“We are currently investigating complaints of persistent use of foul & abusive language from supporters located in the area where you have a season card”.

They’ve included a phone number & email address to report swearing.

This is the top balcony btw. I’ve heard plenty of moronic crap & misery, but don’t remember any “foul” or “abusive” language. F word about it.

I wish they’d focus on putting a decent team on the park.
I'm in top balcony 2 fellas got removed from their seats last season for the same reason they were season ticket holders as well and I have not seen them since.


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I always tell my children that whatever they hear at the game, they're not to tell their mother. If the eldest (fourteen) shouted something at the match, I'd excuse her.

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