Just received a Letter from the club...”foul & abusive language”.

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Norwegian doesn't mean kopite!
This is just sad. If it said something about racial abuse or something, Id get it, but snitching on other match goers for swearing? Pathetic sentiment.


Player Valuation: £70m
So telling the truth is now frowned upon. Are the club some Communist Dictatorship now?

My first match I went to I must have been 8, my brother 7. With my Mum and Dad, sat the the Gwladys Street. As soon as the ref blew a lad a couple of rows in front got up shouted as loud as he could "f-ing get into the barstewarding c-word blues!!"

Mum had a face of thunder, my Dad just started laughing. My little brother stands up and shouts "get the barstewards"

lol lol
Not open for further replies.

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