Match Thread Everton v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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Delph superb and MOTM. Sigurdsson not far behind. Honourable mention for Richarlison.

Defence, particularly the fullbacks, a bit of a concern. Should've done more to really hurt an under-par Wolves but a win is the main thing. Played blues.


“Just isn’t good enough, lad”
Lack of a proper defensive mid left our defence very exposed at times, but thought Delph was excellent in the middle.

Very cool under pressure and his progressive forward passing was refreshing.

Sigurdsson looked dangerous, Kean still has a lot to learn but deffo has some of that ‘secret sauce’ in his boots.

Rico motm for me! Starting to look like the player from last season again!


Player Valuation: £70m
Tell you what, if we can cut out these defensive balls ups (which we did last year) we could do some proper bits this year.

I remember when I was a kid I’d always have bias towards new players because I just wanted them to be boss. I’m 37 but I’m still getting proper chufties over Iwobi. He faded badly today but for that first hour or so it was like Kanchelskis all over again.

Delph had a cracking game and Kean just needs one to go in off his bum to get going, you feel.

Not a great day for Digne but I can forgive him after his midweek heroics.

Bernard - Love the guy but hard to deny he’s an effective sub rather than a guaranteed starter.
one of the murican announcers pointed out at the half that Kean was getting almost all the attn from the wolves defense and it was creating open space for the 2 wide players. Iwobi kept on trying to play 1-2s and/or long passes w/ him and it kept the defense on its heels even when it didn't work. So yea Kean did alright. I think the goals will come.

Iwobi just ran himself out in the 1st half today, he can do that because we desperately needed the energy but Bernard probably should have been subbed sooner. Subbing Iwobi for Bernard isn't like subbing Messi for DCL, there is very little dropoff.

Ring master

Player Valuation: £70m
'We made mistakes we usually don’t do'

Wolves head coach Nuno Espirito Santo speaking to Sky Sports:
It was a tough game. Everton are a good team, with good players and a good manager.
Not so well played but we managed good things inside a tough cycle."

On his team's defending:
Very bad. We made mistakes we usually don’t do. It’s part of the process. Now let’s have a break when the players go to the national teams and then we go again. It’s work, a lack of communication but it happens.
We should defend better and we must do that. We played on Thursday night which was a big high on emotions. We recovered and settled down but coming to Goodison Park is always tough. The Premier League has high standards."


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Fantastic showing from the lads. For my money, Richy is MOTM, followed by Delph, Siggy, and Iwobi.

Worst performer today was probably Kean, but that's to be expected in his first full start.



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Loved the midfield today thought it was a fine performance and in truth only one team deserved to win .Much improved from Siggy Gomes and Richy .Keep it coming blues.


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Think Wolves fans will finally realize the effect of Europa league has, It's a poisoned chalice at times.

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