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Yeah exactly...I'm starting to think it's a conspiracy to keep EFC in the Prem and I don't usually do conspiracies :pint2:

You are half right though :)

I mean....look how absolutely, utterly dire we have been for most of the last thirty years.

The fact that we have not been relegated at some stage during that period is actually gravity defying.

Or due to a conspiracy ;)

The binman chronicles

Player Valuation: £70m
I wasn’t there today but I thought to myself at the Wolves game that the sirens effect on the crowd had really started to wear off and the atmosphere was flat.
Good to have it confirmed that it was like it before then, certainly no louder than what I remember when z cars kicks in today. Any noise soon died down (which has been the case for a long time) and of course the team did very little thereafter apart from win the corner count convincingly.


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Do you blame them?

He hasn’t done anything in his whole career. If I was playing for a team and we were struggling and I had a manager who has done absolutely nothing of note and already experienced relegation circumstances trying to inspire and motivate me I’d tell him to do one.
I, like the players, have no confidence in this guy.

I never wanted him here, but was prepared to see how it panned out. Unfortunately it panned out exactly the way I expected.

I was the same with Martinez, but was pleasantly surprised in that first season, and was happy to be wrong. It turned out to be a fluke on his part, and my initial misgivings were correct.

If the whole is less than the sum of the parts, then it’s the manager.

Tipp blue

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Remember how when the fixture list was released, we were all delighted at the first 6 games.. and if you said on here we'd have 7 points and minus 3 gaol difference after the first 6 you'd have been abused and called negative.. we are in 14th after what appeared to be the easiest run of games to start a season we ever had, sticking to that ridiculous formation week in week out is just plain idiotic and now we've had a succession of managers doing it. I'm joining the SILVA OUT brigade the man is totally clueless, with the run of games we had we should be at least 3rd, kean is not a striker who should be left up top on his own, but barking mad Silva is doing it, a 19 year old being left isolated his confidence is already shot and only played 3 games. Sheffield united they are rubbish we should early beat them at Goodison but hey let's stick in 2 defensive midfielders just because. It's criminal to be at home against a newly promoted side going out with a negative ass formation. We have undoubtedly talented players but that idiot can't get a tune out of them when it's needed. Time to go Marco.


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Agree with the above poster. We have seven points from an easy six games. We should be right up there but since day one against Palace it’s been obvious. Bar the wolves game we have struggled to score and create chances. We are all over the show defensively. Last season I stuck by Marco because I believed the players were playing for him. Now I don’t think they are. I’ve never been one for changing managers but I honestly don’t see where we can go from here.
I think it’s quite simple. Tuesday is the biggest game in Marcos Everton career to date


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Left with 5 mins to go. Was there any register on the boo-ometer?

All could hear on the way back to county road was the sheff utd fans having a lovely old time.

Who can blame them either, when your team doesn't do much of any substance all game and the home team gift wraps a nice 3 points.


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You're in my heart, you're in my soul.
Not anymore after yesterday. I resisted the urge to post when I got back last night wanting to sleep on the issue.
56 years going to the match and after witnessing that yesterday afternoon I'm going out on a limb I want to say that was the most pathetic inept performance I've seen and as we know we've seen some dire games.
With the exception of a couple of players that team showed no pride in wearing the shirt. The thing is though, certainly among those around us weren't surprised and there was/is a resigned acceptance that we're on the road to the insignificance that others see us.
I'm one that welcomed Silva when he came, but no longer. So I hope those in charge of such matters are already lining up a replacement. And so it goes on. Another full house, we deserve a lot better.

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