Match Thread Everton v Sheffield United - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

Everton Man of the Match

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Defensively we were fine. I actually like the way we press. But a team that isn't trying to play with the ball won't often feel the press if you can't create anything with your possession and that's what happened.

If we could combine what we do without the ball with some kind of actual attacking system we might get somewhere. Not sure Marco is the man for that anymore.

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MotM was the weather, coz if it had been even remotely cold and wet that would have made that utterly abysmal performance as grim as it gets.

If Silva stops winning at home he has absolutely nothing to give.

Jim Hopper

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The players have no confidence in his managerial ability. He's lost the dressing room.
Do you blame them?

He hasn’t done anything in his whole career. If I was playing for a team and we were struggling and I had a manager who has done absolutely nothing of note and already experienced relegation circumstances trying to inspire and motivate me I’d tell him to do one.


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Ye Gods!! What is the definition of a "bottom half team"? Not a team that currently sits in the top half of the table above us, a bottom half team in reality. But you carry on with your fantasy league table and let the real world pass you by.
They've finished bottom half since they were promoted. Their current position is currently irrelevant. Nothing fantasy about anything I have said at all to be honest. The hole you have dug yourself in here is very deep right now, but carry on don't mind me.


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Moyes bought good players and pushed them to even better levels. Every manager since has bought crap players, hoodwinked the fan base into thinking they’re good players, then got absolutely nothing out of them.

Let’s face it Baines Lescott Jags Arteta Pienaar Cahill Yakubu - there’s probably only Lukaku and Digne in all the years since who can touch any of them, everyone else has been utter turd.
Even Delph who I think was man of the match and a cut above the rest Oh and played for City


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Silva is out of ideas, we're going nowhere with him. Sack his ass and get a proper manager, enough is enough!

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