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Some arent yes.

But the force of that challenge is ridiculous. On what planet is it not a foul. He never even went for the block, he went for the man.
Looked like he went for the position where the ball was a split second earlier to be fair, a reason why I don't entirely blame Gylfi for not getting more behind the shot. I think he knew he had to strike through it in the quickest way before he got his ankles taken.

What I don't get is how it's always a foul and yellow card if it's a late tackle after a pass but seemingly those rules don't apply if it's a shot? Absolutely bizarre game...


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What I struggle with is this fact. The VAR decision was made pretty quick, by their standards. So that would indicate that they thought it was cut and dried offside.

But 3 hours later, press, pundits and us on here, (and elsewhere), are still arguing the toss, and the PL reason for the decision being correct has been widely laughed at.

So either press pundits and us on here are thick and dont know the rules, (likely, granted), or someone has dropped a belter of a bollock.
This would also indicate that the ref’s decision to award the goal wasn’t a clear and obvious error.


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He was hacked down. Penalty all day long as opposed to a miss.....but hey, that doesn’t fit the agenda too many Blues have regarding Sigurdsson
I thought this at times today. At one point Gomes played a ball through to Siggy, massively overhit it and it ran out of play. Gomes got a warm around of applause for trying to make the pass. If Walcott or Siggy had done the same there would have been massive groans.


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A bitter pill to swallow at the end you just know United would have got that. At least we grew into the game in the second half and we were pushing to win it.


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Away for the weekend so recorded the match which was just now seen.

Absolutely criminal decision. de Gea obviously saw the initial shot from DCL, which is why he reacted the way he did. No reason for him to move to his right otherwise. Jon Moss is an idiot or he is part of a conspiracy to protect the big clubs. I prefer to think the former.

Cork Evertonian

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We were so unlucky.This VAR thing obviously needs to be looked at.On another day something like that, might go in our favour.But this VAR nonsense has to go. Unfortunately though, i think we're stuck with this.But still Ancelotti really has turned us around, and that should have been a win.But there you go.It is what it is sigh.


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knock the officials in stockley park on the head and let the actual referee on the pitch to use the monitor and make the decision from that.
This is how I thought VAR was going to be operated. He’s the referee of the match, so he should go and view the monitor. It’s like the ‘other’ ref in Stockley Park is saying “I’m a better ref than you and my opinion should stand”. It’s incomprehensible how the match referee seems willing to let someone else decide vital decisions. When he gets home and sees on TV an obvious blunder by SP, what is he thinking then?


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Just listening to these whoppers on MotD. Not even interested in getting a debate going over the VAR decision - still smarting over their darlings being put to the sword yesterday.


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to be fair these types of fouls are regularly not given if the player gets the shot away
While true that often fouls after the whistle are not given on shots, there A. WAS not whistle, as the ball did not go out, and B. Because the player has shot does not mean you can now break his leg. It was a clear yellow card and penalty. 2 honest questions answer how bad of a botch job that was. First, if a player had made that exact same kick Siggy did, and another player had done exactly what he had done ANYWHERE else on the pitch would it have been a foul? Yes, and a clear yellow card. Second, if the ball had bounced right back to where Siggy was, but now instead of being able to easily finish a rebound he was on the ground unable to, would it be a clear pen? Yes. Then the pen must be given in the first place, because you cant just base it on where the ball "happened" to bounce.
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