Everton v Lille/Porto Sat/Sun 21/22 July 8pm KO

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Didn't end up watching the game, but I've just caught the highlights on YouTube.

Am I right to assume that, not scoring aside, we played decently well? Besic looked like he had another good game.

Billy Dean

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Was no one else impressed that our second string team was looking to get on the ball and dictate the play? We had players in their proper positions, pressing in the midfield and looking to play out from the back. Pre seasons under Koeman just seemed to be any collection of 11 players in bizarre formations hoofing it long and chasing after it or being completely outpassed by any decent side we faced.
I think most blues prefer direct football mate. They’re NEA at all about playing it on the deck.


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Some observations:
- Besic should be retained and compete with Gana, Morgan, Davies and potentially a new signing.
- Klassan reminds me of your mates arl fella who turns up at 5 a sides in 1990's umbro shorts that are skin tight and labours about the pitch. You can tell he used to be alright but now is just embarrassing. Klassan even looks like he is 38, never mind playing like he is.
- Oumar is always a threat.
- Sandro and Mirallas. I would keep both and have them competing with Walcott, (and hopefully) Lookman and Richarlison.
- Williams and Jags make me ill.
- I still don't see what way we are going to play. Seems a lot of confusion with the new system/style on the pitch


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Was a proper crap game last night. We will probably have to loan Klassen out for the remainder of his contract as no one is ever gonna pay more than a fiver for the kid
but but but ... he was so hyped when he was in holland . although i didnot see him much in holland , but i still believe this guy can develop into a good midfielder ..


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but but but ... he was so hyped when he was in holland . although i didnot see him much in holland , but i still believe this guy can develop into a good midfielder ..
He has one specific skill which is finding space in the box and scoring.

To get that out of him you need to surround him with passers and dominate play. Even for Ajax he never touched the ball.

Pretty much the same skillset as Sigurdsson. Their strength is very specific to playing just off a striker with the other players holding onto the ball.

Quite why Koeman thought we needed BOTH Klaassen and Sigurdsson to play a role that doesn't exist in the formation he had always played astounded me a year ago and annoys me even more now.


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Football certainly divides opinion.

For me, last night, Besic was of course our best player. By far. I love him.

Jonjoe Kenny was great both ways. His crosses are better than Coleman's.

Other than those two I though Klaassen and Sandro was our best players. Klaassen scored, he frequently got into good positions in the box and he always made himself available to receive the ball. He also played a boss one touch through ball, like Leon Osman used to do.

Sandro should have scored. Everyone knows that. However, look at how he timed his run. How fantastic his first touch is in that situation. He is also a good set piece taker, and was the one who played in Niasse when Lille's defender should have been sent off for handling the ball.

I can't quite get my head around how a lot of people are much more impressed by players who have subpar skills, but who will run around and get stuck in, than they are with players with vision, far better technical skills and the ability to get themselves into good positions.

I see people raving about Connolly based on yesterday's match. How many times did he lose the ball in central areas, causing potentially dangerous breaks? He tackles, so people will rate him, but he's taking too long when in possession and slowed down our attacks again and again (unlike Besic did). I like Connolly, don't get me wrong, but I thought that he and Vlasic was our worst players against Lille.

Sandro and Klaassen have really turned into scapegoats now, haven't they?
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