2019/20 Carlo Ancelotti

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Player Valuation: £150k
Made up with Carlo, more a symbolic "we’re here" statement than anything else... he will need help building a team as it’s not his wheel house.. but the amount of money that’s going to be pumped into the whole project, getting him what he needs to succeed shouldn’t be an issue...plus who doesn’t want to play for Carlo

Westend Blue

Player Valuation: £15m
I've played football. I've played football for amateur teams and my school back in the day.

Have you ever played football and/or hill walked?

I'm not talking about slowly walking up a little hill in the Lakes here. I'm talking banging up full on mountains in the Sierra Nevada.

At the top level a footballer playing a full 90 minutes match will run anywhere between 8–13km. Commonly, midfielders will run the greatest distance.

Over 90 minutes that is eff all.

6 hours in the Sierra Nevada requires way way way more energy.

As for training. You don't train a player who is reporting exhaustion so that they can't perform in their next game so I'm sure how that's hugely relevant here.
If you play at 95% and the opponent plays at 100% you are behind the A ball and regarding the games played klopp and pep two of the best coaches in the country constantly complain about the work load from multiple games


Player Valuation: £10m
Carlo could put us in a position where we are regular in Europe and have a trophy or two, building something for the next manager who will have to be something special. It could be the beginning of everything we have envisioned.
Thats the ambition. I don’t think Carlo will get us a title but hopefully his successor will be looking to build us into a regular CL team.

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