Match Thread Brentford v Everton. Sun 28th November. 2pm

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It’d be great if fans would stop attending the games in protest at the decades of mediocrity and mismanagement. But they won’t, and Everton will sleepwalk in to a relegation fight they can’t win sooner or later.

I’m totally disinterested in Everton now. I question if I care if they get relegated to be honest.


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Radio said players went to do that clapping rubbish etc, and the fans were supposedly giving them abuse - not a clue off course what it would look like as no TV pic's showed it after the game
My lads there all the players came over they got slaughtered, Coleman kisses his badge ffs .banner came out .fat Spanish waiter getting sung ,Gordon was shocked with his head in his hands, supporters had enough
Rightly or wrongly, I'm not surprised: we've not seen a victory since September, a number of lacklustre performances and the derby against a marauding RS next.


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You know it's gonna be Dunc til the end of the season if Rafael goes. The club know that too hence why I think they won't pull the trigger unless we enter the relegation spots. Few wins when DCL is back and things suddenly look completely different. Still think the season is a write off and we'll probably finish 10th - 13th again. This is where we are atm. I don't know if this is Rafas fault at all. Maybe it is but Ancelloti finished 12th and 10th in his seasons, he just happened to have his bad run at the end of the season rather than the beginning. Rafael could turn it around but Europe is well out of reach already, shame.

Yeah Dunc taking the helm is just accepting the inevitable.


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During the 90’s, we were rubbish but at least I felt an affinity with the players and the club.

This latest group are the most unlikeable, abject and downright horrendous players I’ve ever seen at any one time.

Pickford’s panicking when balls come into the box annoys me, Digne gesticulating after losing a throw in call annoys me, Keane attempting to defend 1v1’s annoys me, Allan being two yards behind the opposition in loose balls annoys me, Richarlison constantly sulking annoys me, Rondon offering nothing whatsoever up top annoys me, and my god; don’t get me started on Alex Iwobi.

What I’m saying is, even those that are half decent (Digne, Richarlison) are unlikeable, but then coupled with half the squad being below par in terms of ability is just soul destroying.

This season is the first team that I’ve decided not to watch games (Wolves away due to the time & City away). I’ve followed this club for more than 30 years and I’ve never had such little interest. Combination of turd players and decent but annoying players. Hit reset.

Great post. ;)

Rant of the week


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Rb clearly doesnt inspire the players. They are not scared of him, fear his wrath, worried about what he thinks. Hes on a hiding to nothing with this bunch of prima donnas.
I thought he was Mr Discipline but hes clearly a teddy bear.
The players are awful at playing and the manager useless at managing.
Bring back the " dogs of war" before its too late
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