Match Thread Bournemouth vs Everton

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Bournemouth away, will be a tough fought game with honours even....
Would love to see us win though & set a marker for our away games this season......


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OK, we're playing this nemesis (away) team this weekend. Our recent record down at their gaff is nothing short of 'Everton that'. I harbour fear their front-line might spend the afternoon asking our back 4 how the hell they forgot, given our recent capitulations against them, their lube.
Discussion is welcomed.
Not having it that these are an Everton nemesis.


I have never been confident playing Bournemouth at their place - until now!

They are a tidy, well organised team and it won't be easy (which games are nowadays?) but I am confident now that we have the skill, organisation and mental toughness to come away with the points.

Looking forward to the game. I think it will be open and attractive with a few goals. I am not normally one for predictions but 1-3 to Everton feels about right.


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Set piece defending last weekend was pretty scary - Can't see us keeping a clean sheet. Hopefully schneiderlin plays because he provides a bit more discipline/composure in midfield than Davies.


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Bournemouth's results have flattered them. We will take the game to them and I am confident of an Everton victory. 1-3 with Gylfi scoring his first of the new campaign.


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If we perform we can win of we don't they have sone tasty forwards and will score two or three.We may see Zouma come on to counter thr likes of Wilson.


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You need a LOT of teeth to withstand all the 'Everton that' moments/kicks/punches we're privileged to endure... but to paraphrase that German bloke: what doesn't kill you, makes you more philosophic...
"If you support Everton long enough, Everton will support you back"

Wait, I'm not sure that works...


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3 - 2 the cherries...

As always in recent years....

Well I don't know to be honest... we play decent attacking football now and so do they, so there will for sure be goals so maybe we can outscore them ey?

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pity it wasn't 2 months down the line when our new signings are fit and ready to rumble in the prem....


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It's really one of these games where you think "Can We Win - Yes - Will We Win - Erm..."

I'm re-assured by the performance at Wolves and that we will go for it.

Even early on in the Silva era, it's the type of game where we need to be looking to win if things are going to be different.

I'm cautiously optimistic which is unnerving - I'll go for a 2-1 win here, what can possibly go wrong.

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Given that the game v Watford started at 2am local time, and I was disgustingly drunk last Saturday, this is the first game I get to see this season. I’m looking forward to it
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