Best goal scored against us?

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Papa Shango

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Yeah because that was the final nail in his coffin, not the previous months of shambolic football or management of this club
If we won the semi he would have stayed on until the final.

Hey, if you want to celebrate losing semi finals then good for you.


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I might be overrating it in my head because I don’t think I’ve seen replays but I remember beckham putting a free kick right in the stanchion at the gwladys street when it looked very much left foot territory. The van Persie and drogba ones already mentioned were brilliant too.
Was a brilliant goal and his last in England. Just knew he was going to score it from the second it was given. Also the only time the Premiership trophy has been at Goodison.


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Recall being linked with Ben Arfa a fair bit when he was a decent prospect whilst at Marseille, and then him silencing Goodison with this just after moving to Newcastle

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