Best goal scored against us?

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Darth Toffeeman

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Always thought this was absolutely class to be fair. Won them the game at a time when we were having a good run in the league.

As soon as I saw the thread title this goal popped in my head.

We were on a fantastic run and it took this to beat us. He rated it as his best goal and he was a great striker.

Sickening, but a great goal.


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Pedro’s goal the other season was a banger, probably the best I’ve been there and seen (that I can remember).


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I might be overrating it in my head because I don’t think I’ve seen replays but I remember beckham putting a free kick right in the stanchion at the gwladys street when it looked very much left foot territory. The van Persie and drogba ones already mentioned were brilliant too.


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Has another team ever scored against us? None that I care to remember.
My lad was 6 before he ever saw a team score against us on tv. Used to record on MOTD or Sky and fast forward any nonsense of opposition teams scoring against the greatest team the world has ever seen. We’d do a few replays of our odd consolation goal though!!!

I only stopped doing it when he told me he knew the score of the game, Evertonian through and through the lad though!


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Can't appreciate any of them very often but the 2nd City goal at Goodison last season was a bit special, Sane movement and lay off from the clearance by the keeper, and then the rest of it...

I seem to remember Tony Morley scoring a belter (also in the Park End goal) when Villa went on to win the league (1980-1 I think). May have been a bit like that Trevor Steven one against Sunderland (1985).

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