Best goal scored against us?

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I thought the City goals at Goodison the other season that meant the RS couldn’t win the league were all pretty good


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Shearer goal was something else.

We’d been on an amazing run, wed won like 6 games (all by one goal) on the run, and we got picked for PremPlus (remember that? lol ) and Yobo who’d been our rock got sent off when we were 1-0 up after like 10 mins then they scored twice right st the end. Heartbreaking.

The wheels kind of fell off after that and we never really recovered.

I still look back at that table with disappointment. Southampton got to the cup final and finished 8th and City got on vis Fair Play, so we ended up being the only team in the top 9 to not get into Europe.



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Can’t stand him but that shaqiri goal a couple of years ago for stoke was a pretty special finish but then it was Howard towards the end.


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Duncan MacKenzie at Goodison for Chelsea just after we'd sold him. The whole ground applauded it and we all booed Gordon Lee :whip:

Sorry.... one for the kids there.
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