Match Thread Arsenal v Everton - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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Player Valuation: £20m
Gomes is back and looks great
We created a lot of chances
Our front two are scoring week in week out

Gylfi Sigurdsson is a fraud and should be shunted first absolutely hate him
We still aren't clinical enough
Most of our midfield is still crap

We've got Ancelotti and at least we're not West Ham
Literally this! Check out the MoM votes not one of the starting midfield has a single vote, says it all!


Player Valuation: £150k
We lost... but my positivity is back.. last year we would have shut up shop and gone for a draw...we didn’t and that’s Carlos effect...I mean we have a better manager and we have cash, new stadium on the way, a fan base that has had so much crap and still turn up..and to be honest don’t have wallys with a camcorder filming utter bilge.
it will take a year or two but Arsenal are dropping and we are rising, positivity is on our side..which kind of confuses me as I take the bitter label as a badge of honour
Let's not pretend under the Silva era we wouldn't have capitulated and lost 4-1. Lets face it, many Everton teams + managers combinations have seen us lose those games emphatically.
We are coming away from it knowing we should have at LEAST got a point. It's some progress, no matter how frustrating it is for us.
But we didn't come away with a point and we did capitulate as soon as they scored and that will continue to be the case until Carlo rebuilds the team starting from summer. Carlo is the only positive for me this season and i look forward to seeing the team he builds and one that isn't deafeated by fear and inferiority before a game even starts.


Player Valuation: £35m
Get this posted in the right place :)

That's five points we've dropped this season to a poor Arsenal side. Or, five points Arsenal has picked up from a poor Everton side. Either way, we got exactly what we deserved from the game... nothing.

Thought I'd go with Andre Gomes for MotM. He played some decent passes, shrugged off a few tackles, and didn't go missing; picking up a stupid yellow was the only downside. Fantastic to see playing for us again.

Steve Wigan

Player Valuation: £50m
Richarlison MOM for me. He's improving all the time. Plays for the team. Not afraid to put a foot in. Ran all day. On the spot for his goal. Seems to be cutting out the over acting and just getting on with the game. Lots of spectacular runs down the wing to good effect.


Player Valuation: £750k
Defending let us down again today three soft goals conceded no protection from midfield Schneiderlin and Sigurdsson can go sigurdsson was very poor today need some steel in midfield and can protect the back four nice to see Gomes come back today strikers played ok but we need to stop conceding soft goals if we want to get in Europe

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