2005 Tony Hibbert - Best right back in the league.

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Hibbo, Jun 14, 2018 at 4:21 AM.

  1. Hibbo

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  2. Eggs

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    ..nah. Might be the best Fisherman.
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  3. Ebrell22

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    Great at tackling and had a couple of other great defensive abilities. Anything else was below average
  4. larbert toffee

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  5. bol-uk

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    Read the second post, the poster is genuinely trying to say Finnan, as in Steve Finnan, is the best RB in the prem

    Their delusion knows no bounds
  6. Marius57

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    Hibbert was a quality defender but useless once he had the ball. His tackling and blocking at times was superb. Just wish he could cross the ball, actually, just do something with it at all.

    I remember that game against city when he played CB and despite Dzeko being twice his size, had him in his back pocket.
    Actually one of my favourite players in my lifetime but I’m a sucker for commitment and passion.
  7. The Legend of Southall

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    Was he even the best right back at Everton?
  8. Toffee in Jandals

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  9. Toffee in Jandals

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    Lars Jacobsen says :bye:
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  10. The Legend of Southall

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    Would it not of been Nuno Valente 2005?
  11. scotchbutterpin

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    He was a better player than Hibbert. No point being childish about it.
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  12. deipnosophist

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    A living Blues legend. He bleeds blue. I would love to see him sat in the managerial 'dug-out' beside Big Dunc...and a spare seat beside him, reserved for when Capt Jags retires...

  13. Walken

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    Hated watching him play, robbed a living
  14. Thomasc

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    He was a left back
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  15. Giraffe_Baker

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    He was the best in 14/15 as well


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