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    Our top ten greatest ever.

    I’ve been watching the blues for about the same time. I like your team, but I fancied the below 11 as the best I have seen: Southall Stevens Ratcliffe Distin Baines Kanchelskis Reid Rooney Pienaar Lineker Beardsley
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    2018/19 Jordan Pickford

    Simply not good enough
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    We will still finish 8th.......

    I really hope some of these players prove me wrong, particularly the younger ones. I was quite impressed with Beningame (forgive the spelling) last year. Always looking to play forward, plenty of energy. Rather than wasting £50m here and there we need the home grown talent to start making a mark.
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    We will still finish 8th.......

    I don’t see any teams below us queuing up to buy these players. I’ve watched Everton for nearly 50 years. Last season was in parts the worst I have ever seen us play. I will give any player credit where it is due, Jags has been immense over the seasons but we are talking now and he is no longer...
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    We will still finish 8th.......

    We currently have 7 players in our whole squad who in my opinion are Premiership standard: Pickford, Coleman, Baines, Gueye, Siggy, Walcott & Richarlison. The remaining players are championship at best, and that is where we will be playing next season if we do not add a few Premiership standard...
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    General Meeting 09.01.2018

    The Council have access to funding at much cheaper rates than what Everton can borrow at. The Council borrows the money, Everton make the repayments, and we pay the Council an extra amount for them providing the service. It’s a win win. The Council actually make money, Everton save money...
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    Sam Allardyce

    It's a results business and Sam has turned our fortunes around. The games have not been pretty and we are a far shot from where we want to be, but with the current squad (following a poor recruitment in the summer) we have to cut our cloth accordingly and grind out results. I firmly believe that...
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    Have you still got the ticket for Newcastle away?
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    Thanks, I thought not. Don't want to miss out!
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    Match Ticket Thread - Spares/Requests - FACE VALUE ONLY!

    Have the Newcastle away tickets been on sale yet - For Wed 13th Dec?
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    Who is your Everton XI from the Premier League era?

    Yes Goughie was top class but he was 35 when he joined us, and that was the point I was making with that team. I'm sure he was a better player when he was around 28-30.
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    Who is your Everton XI from the Premier League era?

    Imagine this team if they had played for us at their peak: Westerveld Barrett Bilic Gough Sansom Van de Meyde Gascoigne Blomquist Ginola E'to Mark Hughes But seriously: Southall Snodin Keown Distin Baines Kanchelskis Hutchison Gueye Pienaar Rooney Beardsley (Bench: Martyn, Lescott...
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    How do we line up?.

    Pickford Holgate Keane Williams Siggy Gueye Morgan Baines Rooney New Striker Sandro
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    Transfer Rumour Wayne Rooney

    In my humble opinion I believe this is a positive move. Rooney will be re-invigorated, and he will want to silence the doubters. He has vision and can unlock defences. World Cup year he will be fighting to get his England shirt back too. I can see him having an Andy Gray like impact on our...
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